Azilect I recommend you all try it within the first two days I had an amazing improvement in my symptoms "on"all day no "off" times at all tremor settled down cancelled my DBS surgery felt so good still having great results after using Azilect for 3 months little bit of Dyskenesia but manageable hope it keeps on maybe not every one will have same results but it's worth a try I also take Madapar Comtan and have 14 gm neuro patches have been on them for some 18 mths Keep positive Sunnysky

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  • Hi Sunnysky

    I added Azilect to my cocktail of Sinemet and Amantadine 6 years ago and the results were amazing - everything worked - and I'm still enjoying the effects today (11 years + since DX). Mind you I exercise every day with 2 days intense boxing training - that is important I believe.

  • Thanks froggat55 Fantastic to read your experience with Azilect gives me added hope for my continued improvement. Sunnysky

  • It was my pleasure Summysky. I am always delighted to give my experience to like minded positive PwP

    Kind regards

  • Azilect made night and day difference for me when I was first diagnosed, my mind cleared and the tremors stopped. I tried to go back to work, but under stressful situations, I became symptomatic again. I now take both Azilect and Sinemet and am doing well at this point. I would be afraid to stop it.

  • Hi Susie thanks for your comment the positive responses we read about go a long way to giving us all hope. Sunnysky

  • Hi Susie01

    Just had to reply saying that your words mirrored my own experience with Azilect and Sinemet. I am obviously ahead of you in the journey with "the Beast" - 11+ years - but I wanted to share with you that I take Amantadine 100mg twice per day as well because of it's efficacy in preventing dyskinesia - something you might want to think about for the future

    Kind regards

  • Sorry Susie01

    I meant to add that for all PwP stress is the biggest threat to our well being. I find the Intense Exercise - I go to boxing training twice a week - is the best antidote

    Kind regards

  • You are welcome!

  • Thanks Susie and Froggie for your input I'll certainly be keeping that Amantadine info in mind as I do suffer with Dyskenesia a little at this time manageable thanks again pooling our experiences and successes is very encouraging you feel like your not alone Sunnysky

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