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Near death experience

IT happened yesterday at my local Lido . I went for a dip I say dip because of my coordination problems I have not been able to swim for six yeas in fact that is why I first went the doctor. I was not far from the rail in the shallow end ( water depth about 1 metre) when I tried to to do few strokes of course it was not successful but when I tried to stand up i could not but was stuck in a strange position with my face firmly in the water my feet on the floor and my back arched all i could do was push at the water with my hands to try get my face out. Well after about two minutes of this I next found myself at the pool side being revived. Apparently I had stopped breathing and was blue when they pulled me out the life guard then slapped my back and I started to breath again. the strange thing was I found that the time between me losing consciousness and coming around

was not unpleasant but a really weird dream which I could not try to explain. has anyone else had similar experiences ?

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how terrifying - i too cannot swim anymore which makes me very sad as i used to swim each summer in the sea at SELSEY where we lived for a long time- also since moving to france we have had a beautiful pool built which i hardly ever use due to my fear of doing exactly what you did -- i dont know what the answer is but if you dare to go back again just be aware of the condition which tips you up!!!

love from sharon

ps i did try using a snorkel at one time which did help - good luck ...



I have not experienced near death other than in a truck crash and my own drowning experience as a child.

As I write this reply I begin to realize other near death opportunities in my life. When I do finally have the true "near death experience" maybe I will get back to you.


Phew, I'm glad somebody spotted you and that it wasn't absolutely terrifying when you look back on it.

I was told that for many people their buoyancy changes as their Parkinson's develops. I think it was supposed to be due to changes in muscle: fat: bone proportions but I'm not sure if it is true.


hi i have PSP (like parkinsons only worse as there ar eno meds for it)and cannot swim any more as my co-ordination is too poor.

but i have also stopped going to the pool as i am so afraid of falling in the showers and getting myself dried sand change would be impossible

i am glad i did not experience ever the dreadful time you had =,how frightening for you

and ia m glad that u are still here to tell the tale and warn others!

lol jill

and a :-)


yes sometimes I think That I Have a form of PSP instead of atypical parkinson's I am not on any pakinsons medications as they do not have any effect on me , I also do not experience any tremor. my co-ordination is bad and I tend to fall quite often about 3-4 times /day if I am active, and my speech and handwriting is bad. I did however have a positive DATScan about 2-3 yrs ago which showed signs of dopamine depletion. and my parkinsons nurse and neurologist bot say no mainly because I have a normal upward and downward glaze which I am happy with because PSP is much worse.


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