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Has anyone else experienced a constant aching pain in their thigh and knee? It is a pain similar to the shoulder pain that I have had that originally prompted me to seek medical care and eventually lead to a Parkinson's diagnosis. It keeps me awake at night, makes it extremely hard to walk, climb stairs, etc...

It feels like I did the splits and pulled a muscle-I am 61 so I definitely know that is not the source of this pain!

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  • I also had a really bad pain in my knee which was very painful to walk or bear weight on, I had not injured my knee in any way, the pain was very similar to when I had a frozen shoulder, any sudden or slightest movement would be extremely painful, any way I went to the doctors after 4 weeks of trying to heal myself with the usual painkillers ,rest, ice ,heat, I tried everything, after tests it turns out I have torn the ligament in my knee, don't know how I did it? It's still very painfull and have been given some tramadol to be taken with paracetamol and ibuprofen at the same time, does give me some relief until of course they wear off, doctors says can take a long time to heal and am waiting for physio, because I was trying not to put weight on my knee I ended up having all sorts of pains in my leg and also lower back pain, hope this helps xxx

  • I'm on tramadol and oxycodone. Tramadol seems to help a bit. I'm off the oxy as of tomorrow because there's no good use for it.

  • Sorry I didn't read all of that. I had a meniscus tear. Do you need surgery?

  • Depending on where the pain is in the thigh and knee, it could be the result of an injury (an irritation/strain in the IT Band could cause pain in both areas, for example) or it could be due to rigidity. If you have had the leg checked out , and it is not an injury, try gently stretching the muscles in your leg and lower back and rolling out your quads, hamstrings and calf. I do this for about 20 minutes before I exercise each day and most nights for about 15 minutes when the rigidity wakes me up.

  • Hi Laural - join the club!!

    My left thigh is a big source of pain for me - it is almost like a continuous cramp. I have to stretch it at bedtime, during the night and before getting up to get any relief and ease the stiffness. When I am gardening for any length of time it almost gives way on me - it doesn't but iust won't move and is extremely painful, I have to somehow hop on to my right leg before I can move the left. I believe it could be the medication rather than the Pd but I am seeing a specialist, who comes highly recommended, in September and will take up with him.

    M left knee is similar in effect but it seems more like cartilage issues - I can hear it clicking. like you it makes going upstairs very difficult (but not down). The best thing I can do is ensure I have my whole left foot (including my heel) on the stairs which helps enormously.

    Although I think they may well be from different causes, I will discuss the knee as well with the specialist

    Kind regards

  • My first symptom started with a frozen ankle. Sinimet enabled me to walk normally for a few years, but I had a torn meniscus. This was confusing. I had a good recovery with a lot of PT but the problem is really a frozen inner thigh muscle. The pain transfers into my gut and vexes the knee. I've explored trying botox for that pesky muscle with my neuro, and will tell him let's do it. It's been 12 years and I exercise, walk, etc. every day.

  • I have pain in both legs (pronounced in the left) till the medication takes off. This is so 2,3 times a day. My people keep massaging my leg. Any suggestions pl ?

  • I have had several periods with strong pain in my leg /hips. i used painkiller medicine for this to be able to function at all. But now I just remembered what relived the pain last time I had it. Thai massage that enclides Sculpture pressure. It's very painfull - but it makes wonder. I just had this treatment yesterday , and today I will be able to walk without pain in my hip?

  • Yes, I too had constant pain in my hips, back, knee etc. I also had shoulder pain before my diagnosis. This also seems to apply to a lot of people with Parkinsons. I have had treatment at the Pain Clinic and am now on pain killers. It appears I am not a candidate for surgery so will need to rely on pain killers.

  • I am 24 and I am experiencing something very similar. And I do not do splits but I know exactly what your describing!!! The sharp stretched pain down your thigh. Def sciatica if it starts in your lower back. I have this pain too as well as knee and calf and ankle pain that radiates. Dr thought it was CRPS now I'm back to square 1 we have no idea what it is.

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