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Difficulty urin8ing

I'm experiencing more difficulty urin8ing, if you know what I mean. Slow to start, difficult to maintain and seldom fully emptying. Sometimes trying every half hour when experiencing off time. PCP tells me that I have normal BPH for 66 yo male. Has anyone found a solution for this? It certainly restricts activities. I dread the thought of flying anywhere.

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Hi etterus

I have been prescribed Doxamosin 4MG nightly - but I only take 2MG because I get low blood pressure with the 4 which interferes with my gym regime

The 2MG works fine as long as I keep my bowels empty - for which I take 2/3 Laxido powders daily, one Senna tablet at night and a fresh fruit smoothie with porridge for breakfast

Kind regards


I had this problem , I opted for Lemon Therapy , it worked fine No problem now. Try taking lot of water with fresh lemon; say 1/2 Lemon for 500 ml of water x 8 times daily ( whenever u feel thirsty ) . Try taking more in the early morning , taper by evening & stop taking after 6.00 pm , otherwise you will get up in the middle of the night.


Thanks to both. I'll try the lemon first since my bp is low.


Hi Etturus I have the same problem but the gp said there was not a problem if iI started weeing a lot there was a problem,but to get in touch with him straight away if I was passing a lot of urine.


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