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Loosing teeth because of dry mouth

My husband was diagnosed with PD in 1994. His latest problem is that he is loosing his teeth. The dentist says this is because the Parkinson's meds have given my husband very severe dry mouth and that has caused rampant tooth decay. The dentist has suggested we consult with a prosthodontist. Anyone ever heard of this side-effect or have any experience of it? Any advice?

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Greetings Alfalfa1,

Welcome to the club. Your dentist is correct. In one 12 month period I lost two molars and had 10 cavities due to dry mouth. A change in PD meds helped, along with special (expensive) tooth paste & special mouthwash. Both your dentist and your neuro need to participate in addressing this one. Good luck!


Have you tried Biotene mouthwash? That might give some relief.


Thanks, mistydog 1. Yes, my husband tried Biotene mouthwash. He has also used the toothpaste and I believe there are other products. While I think these products provide temporary relief, they have to be used often and very consistently. My husband now lives in a nursing home, and without me to continually nag him, they haven't helped much. The dentist also prescribed the use of a fluoride mouth wash before bed as a good cavity preventer. But that hasn't staunched the steady decay either. The whole thing has been horribly amazing!

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My sister has cancer and with all her meds dry mouth is a big battle.


Good luck to your sister. Perhaps with consistent use the special dry mouth products will give her some protection and relief.


Yes had some cavities and wake up feeling like Sahara desert in mouth. Keep mint tea by bed > also I have tried oil in mouth first thing in morning . I forget what it's called. But hold it 5 to 10 minutes and spit out. Also there's a rinse I got from dentist, Biotine. pretty good


Interesting ideas here. Thanks, PatV.


I have been diagnosed 11 years and suffer from a dry mouth for which I was advised to chew gum - which works. I was at the dentist yesterday for my 6 monthly check up and needed nothing done - despite being a chocoholic. I use an electric toothbrush for ease but it does give a good clean

I did lose 3 teeth a number of years ago but that was a result of a compulsion to eat cakes and chocolate during the night - no matter where I was staying, I raided the kitchen and binged and of course did not include teeth cleaning in my compulsion LOL

Drink lots of water as well - I try to drink 1.5 litres per day

Good luck


I just started experiencing this "very expensive" side effect of Parkinsons. I went for a 6 month checkup and the dentist informed me that I needed to go to a specialist for a crown lengthening procedure before replacing a crown that has a cavity under it. Before I made it back to the dentist to get the crown, the decay had gotten worse and she wants me to go to an oral surgeon and have the tooth pulled-the lengthening procedure was over $1000. and the insurance didn't pay. My alternative is to get a root canal on that tooth which may or may not save it

The other side of my mouth also has big $ issues. I have always had great teeth.


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