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Requests for Women with PD (is this the cause of PD in women)


If you are a woman with PD can you please simply respond with whether you've had a hysterectomy prior to getting PD. I know this seems like a repeat of the post I made earlier.

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Hello Coblman

Interesting idea about the levels of iron - I had always wondered about mercury.

I am 62 and was diagnosed 3 years ago and I have not had a hyserectomy - however I did have mercury poisoning ( Pinks disease) as a baby ( via teething powders). I wish you well with your investigation


Coblrman in reply to lesleyd

It will be interesting to see how the totals tally up.

No hysterectomy . Current age 63. Diagnosed 10 years.o

Yes...I had a hysterectomy in my forties. Diagnosed 2012 late fifties. Why??? is it relevant??

Age 66, no hysterectomy, dxd 10 years

Age 56 yes had hysterectomy when 44 diagnosed pd at 47. I often wondered were the two linked ...

yes I had hysterectomy. have high iron trishie from Nelson NZ

have had a wonderful spring day here today

no Hysterectomy

yes endomitriosis

diagnosed with PD at age 37

now age 49

Yes, I had a hysterectomy last year and although it was a surprisingly easy surgery and recovery within two weeks I felt my first tremors which just became more consistently present and within 6 months I saw a neuro and diagnosis was made.

paddyfields in reply to racerCP

I've read of quit a few people who have had their first obvious symptoms following some sort of trauma, just as cancer and even TB in the past seemed to follow ashock. Mine was a head on collision with another car, he first tremors appearing about a month after and dx. within 6 months of the accident. I never managed t o find much about trauma triggering symptoms. There was a femle teacher in the North of England/Scotland who lost her case that her car accident had brought on the PD symptoms which led to early retirement. The only thing I ever found was that one bit of research concluded that trauma triggered the onset of obvious symptoms but that in the long run the disease would revert to its normal path, though quite how anyone could know how a subject would have been without the trauma is a bit puzzling.


No hysterectomy. Aged 52. Diagnosed 2 years ago. I have a large number of mercury fillings still that need to be removed.

Had a hysterectomy at 34, encephalitis at 53, PD diagnosed possible at 64, meningioma removed at 65, PD confirmed at 65. I am now 78 and still going strong most of the time.

No I did not have a hysterectomy prior to diagnosis.

Yes I had a hysterectomy in 1995. However this was due to having two uterus's one over each ovary -this in turn caused me to miscarry several times never could carry a baby full term. Now fast forward I had an MRI done back then and it showed small pockets of fluid on the brain, but it wasn't until the Parkinson diagnosis( Never was told about the MRI findings until it was read again now) that I found out the fluid pockets contain high levels of iron(Through a fancy blood test done at Mayo) then I also was told I had never had Folic acid nor Vitamin B 6 in my system. So now I stay away from red meat (iron), and take a Vitamin B complex daily, this has help much along with sinement and neurpro patch.

Hapster16 in reply to Kadie57

What’s the neuro patch? I’m writing for my mom.


Yes i had a hysterectomy, but I've heard of many people getting pd after surgery so I'm wondering if there's something used during surgery that triggers the pd?

No, but I had breast cancer 5 yrs. after I was diagnosed with PD.

I had one 8 years ago. I also wanted to add that I have had to take b12 shots and. have had a iron infusion since due to low ferriten levels. Or as the doc said I have no iron stored like most should have. I also have had very low vit D levels. all found out while searching for my dx. Hope this helps, Dana

Yes, I had a hysterectomy at 66 and was diagnosed with PD at 77.

The reason I asked is iron has been suspected for Alzheimer and pd due to its oxidative characteristics (anything rust faster than iron or for that matter anything else actually rust :) ). Iron levels increase with age too. That's why anti-oxidants are so widely used and considered beneficial in fighting disease.

Women have a lower rate of PD than men while they also have estrogen (protective) and lower iron ( lower is better). That changes after a hysterectomy or menopause and iron levels rise quickly to equal mens. My first survey showed a 100% correlation but the post was not properly worded so it slanted the results towards those who would probably already have high iron. My recommendation (especially for men) is try the chelators I recommended in the other post, avoid iron supplementation, reduce red meat consumption and donate blood if possible.

Coblrman in reply to Coblrman

Of course this also brings up menopause which would be the equivalent of a hysterectomy depending on the age. That comes at different times in each woman. My ex was still menustrating at 53.

Yes. I had hysterectomy at early 40. PD dx at 56. I am 63.

Diagnosed 3 years ago I'm 72. No hysterectomy.

No, I never had a hysterectomy. Age 59, diagnosed 1 year ago.

no hysterectomy


Yes age 30. Parkinson symptoms age began age 38, went to a movement specialist and correctly diagnosed at age 55. I am now 65 yrs. old.

No hysterectomy and diagnosed at 59. Will be 63 in October.


No hysterectomy. Parathyroid surgery and autoimmune thyroid disease. Parkinson's and a rare neuromuscular disease symptoms started 2 weeks after parathyroid surgery and diagnosis made on both diseases 8 months later in 2008.

No, I had not had hysterectomy prior to Parkinson's diagnosis.

Yes. I had a hysterectomy in 1978 at age 28, I was diagnosed with PD in 2006 at age 56.

I had a Hysterectomy in August of 1994 at the age of 37 and I started having pd symptons in September of that same year.

My right big toe had an uncontrollable twitch and my right arm was weak. Had test done it came back A benigh essential tremor and that was all thay was said about it.

In 1997 I was diagnoised with Parkinsons and I was told just like this:

Mrs. Lake you have Parkinson's disease and your going to have to live like that.

He told me I should get 10 good years out of it before I need a wheelchair.

Well it's been 17 years now and I'm holding my own.

No. DX at 65 (3 mon ago). Menopause blessedly uneventful. Dad had PD in his 80's.

No hysterectomy, diagnosed at PD at 59.......fallopian tube removed due to eptopic pregnancy at 32

Hello, I had a hysterectomy, because of uterine cancer in 2003 and I was 39 years old . In 2010 I was diagnosed with PD and I was 47 .

I tried to have a child for 10yrs.with ex-husband but had endometriosis ...was told by obgyn to have hysterectomy. Made Me a mess every month, I lost my Mom to Cervical Cancer at 44. I'm sure she suffered from this endometiosis too. At 26 I started to have weakness on left side with in a few years a Doctor called it Fibromyalgia in 1992 .I was diagnosed 1-12-11 at U.V.A. in Charlottesville, VA. at 47. I did have a bad car accident before seeing this doctor. It was 2 weeks after accident I awoke unable to move at all ! Spent 1 week in hospital and transferred to Nursing Home 2 weeks for rehab.

After a year living with my Step- Parents I was ready to return and live on my on again. As of July 10th this year and only 3yrs. later I had an Episode with my right side which was my stronger side and now I'm in a wheelchair for the second time. I just turned 51 and still have a need to live on my own and I'm happy on the Outer banks of NC. weather it's in this chair or not !

Shakinginnc in reply to Marche

Dear Marche I know this post was fours years ago and you might not even still read these posts but I too live in NC in a small town in called Chocowinity but it is only 11/2 hours from OBX . My question is were you diagnosed with PD? I was diagnosed 1year ago but feel that I have had it for several years before being diagnosed. If you still live in OBX I would greatly live to hear from you since I do not personally know anyone else would shares this disease and would love to connect with someone on a personal level who understands what this diagnosis can do to the body and mind. My heart felt regards to you and would absolutely love to hear from you. You can respond on this feed and then I could give you my e-mail and phone#

Yes, hysterectomy at 38, symptoms of PD started around 44 then dx in 2010 at 47. 52 now and progressing slowly. Had vitamin B deficiency when I was younger but stopped taking B complex when blood test were normal. Drs. thought I had too much iron but redid blood work and it was normal. Also want to note had a bad ski accident when I was 40. Landed on head and left shoulder. Broke shoulder and arm. PD symptoms started on left side.

no i have not had a hysterectomy

No, I didn't have a hysterectomy before or after diagosis for pd.

No hysterectomy. Did have portion of thyroid and 3 parathyroids removed. Diagnosed @ 51. Symptoms about 15 years.


Hi there,

Age 55, no hysterectomy, dx 20 years

no hysterectomy.

I was diagonosed with Parkinson's 3 years ago no hysterectomy I am 67.


Diagnosed 6 years ago at age 55. Hysterectomy 2 years ago. Don't think my two are related. I did have several nasty blows to the back of my head as a child...

Yes about 20 years before PD diagnosis

Yes,hysterectomy 2002 with removal ovaries. diagnosis 2005, symptoms2004

Hmmmm I had a hysterectomy in 2006-- PD symptoms showed up in 2007 (didn't recognize them) was diagnosed in 2009. Things that make you go hmm and wow!!!

No hysterectomy, but I have endometriosis. I saw a few other people mention that, is it significant? I have started taking iron tablets recently as I get very tired. Should I stop taking them?

I'm not a doctor but I would certainly not take iron supplements without a blood test and a doctors' recommendation. You can probably call your doctor to see what he says.

Yes about 15 years ago

I haven't had a hysterectomy.

Yes I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago. Within one week after my hysterectomy I noticed a tremor which turned out to be Parkinson's. I relate Parkinson's symptoms tremor dominant PD to the hysterectomy and I therefore initiated estrogen therapy. Now 2 years post tax I am still not on medications nor have any been prescribed. I don't know whether my estrogen replacement therapy helps or not.

No never had

I never had one either, but got my PD symptoms a year or two after I stopped having my period. I discovered that HRT helped ease my PD symptoms, mostly by helping me sleep a little better. (Although I still don't get more than 4 hours in a stretch, wake up to medicate, and go back for another 2-3 hours).


I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago and prior to that I was having monthly iron infusions for low iron and ferritin. I didn't need to have the iron infusions after the hysterectomy. I am 60 years old and was diagnosed with PD in July although I suspect I'd had it for about 5 years prior to that. Hope this helps.

No hysterectomy but I had lumpectomy, radiation and chemo in 1985 and a mastectomy/reconstruction followed by five years of Arimidex, an anti hormonal medication, in 2008. Parkinsons was diagnosed in early 2015 but sense of smell decreased about ten years before.

No hysterectomy and I have never taken the hormones.

no-I had my tubes tied though. I was diagnosed at 46 with PD

I did have a partial hysto many years before PD reared it's ugly head.

Had hysterectomy when I was 60 diagnosed with PD when 63. Went though change when I was 40.

Yes. Had a hysterectomy at 47 diagnosed at 56

no I haven't

49 yrs old. Diagnosed at age 41. Symptoms started the day my husband and I separated and he moved out. No hysterectomy.


AmyLindy in reply to cplusmc5255

Did you get a VA Compensation /Rating yet?

AmyLindy in reply to cplusmc5255

When we’re you aboard CLNC? Like me, Before 1987?

No hysterctomy. Yes endometriosis and fertility treatments. Diagnosed at 49. I am now 52


No hysterectomy and have not been through menopause yet either. 47 diagnosed 8 months ago.

Hi I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 40 due to endometriosis. Seven years later I was diagnosed with idiopathic PD.

Just a thought. I have also had quite a few general anesthetics due to endometriosis exploration and tonsil removal . Foot fracture repair. Wonder if it has anything linked to the anesthetic used. Maybe some not had a hysterectomy but any other kind of surgery. Just a thought.


Yes partial Hysterectomy 2008. Fibromyalgia at the time, symptoms of PD began in 2014, at age 50. Was wondering if my colonoscopy had anything to do with it... Having TERRIBLE gastro issues!

Yes, complete in 1993

Total hysterectomy in 2012, diagnosed in 2017.

I had a full hysterectomy at age 29. Diagnosed with Valley Fever the next year, (fungal spores), then diagnosed with lupus and RA, Sjrogrens, chronic migraines, the next year, before age forty diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, and other back and neck issues, now at age 45, just diagnosed with PD.

Is it at all connected? I believe it is.

no hysterectomy, but many surgeries. Went thru the change @ 49 few months before dxs of PD. Didn't use HRT, no menopause symptoms. Was put on iron supp at one pt for 90 days.

Yes, total hysterectomy in my late forties.

Hi, no hysterectomy. I'm 44 diagnosed at 39, had it 4 years prior to that. I was told stress and possibly the removal of my coccyx triggered the onset of pd for me.

No hysterectomy but I did have very heavy bleeding that required 2 procedures to stop it. I ended up being anemic for quite a long time afterwards and I had A blood transfusion. I was diagnosed with PD nine years later so I don't know if there was a connection .

Hysterectomy age 50. PD age 60. More accurate question would be to ask about oophorectomy ( removal of ovaries), which is thought to be the real potential association with PD.


Yes, I had a complete hysterectomy because of cancer and was diagnosed 3 months later with PD. That was 6 years ago. K

I had operations as a teen, spinal medications in spine when I had my kids last child at 40. Menopause started at 47, period slowly stopped, tremor in left leg started 2 months later, when period stopped completely. I read a science article on the internet about they wanted to develop a pill that would remove iron from the brain, the article said excess iron could be the cause of PD/Alzheimer's. Morley Robbins Iron overload. Check out on YouTube.

We are getting to much Iron, it's in everything. I used to drink reverse osmosis water, now I drink my well water which has lots of iron. I'm gonna try reverse osmosis water. I'm gonna start giving blood, and have some test done, from Morley Robbins protocol. Their is large Facebook group following, that have been helped with all sorts of ailments using his protocol. Check it out. I PRAY FOR A CURE FOR ALL OF US. Maria

My mum who has Pd did not have a hysterectomy.

I have PD symptoms since 43 y.o. and I had hysterectomy when I was 47y.o.


No hysterectomy but I did give up smoking so I didn't get cancer then a year later I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.. I wish there was something that I could have given up to not have this disease, bugger.


No hysterectomy, but had lung surgery in 2001. Diagnosed in 2013. But had a few symptoms for about 5 years before.

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