is bicycling doable for those with PD

my husband is doing okay on his meds and with his treatments for PD but is wondering whether he can still bicycle. He can do exercise bike at gym. Our old bikes are big for him now.

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  • Yes he should be able to , myself I find that when cycling I feel 'normal' with no obvious signs of P.D, i can cycle as far as before I was diagnosed and as far as 10 years ago, whereas I cannot walk very far. if you look on youtube there is a man who can hardly walk but on a bike he can cycle easily , here is the link , martin

  • thanks for your input. Appreciate it.

  • The first thing I did after my diagnosis was go out and buy an electric mountain bike. It's pedal assist so I still get the exercise but it means I can get up the hills (it's very hilly where I live).

  • My husband Geoff was dx 10 years ago and didn't cycle at all during this time, until now. We too have just treated ourselves to electric bikes with pedal assist to make climbing our local hills easier. So far, Geoff has had no problem cycling up to 10 miles or so at a time, sometimes without the electric power turned on. I notice he sits a bit crooked on his bike seat (just as he does when he drives), but he says he's more comfortable like that. He doesn't wobble much, just a bit if he gets tired.

  • I have balance problems with PD, so I gave in and purchase a tricycle. At first I was a little embarrassed, I hung a handicap flag on it and I had a license tag made that says, Pedaling with Parkinson's Disease. People wave at me and some stop and ask questions. I feel really good now.

  • I am SO proud for you!! Found a way to get about and get exercise, making yourself feel good, and educating people about PD. Thanks so much for posting!!!

  • Margie, you have a great spirit. Thanks for inspiring us.

  • Thank you!

  • Yes, I had a hysterectomy at the age of 28 in 1078. I was diagnosed with PD ih 2006t at age 56.

  • A cyclist prior to PD I use cycling as a major benefit. Alternating between indoor Spin Cycle and a standard bicycle. Spinning at 90rpm is also beneficial. Currently trying Yoga in various ways

  • thank you so much. Good luck with the Yoga.

  • I go to Iyengar style of Yoga, which uses a lot of props - cushions and blocks and such aids - for those of us with PD symptoms.

  • thanks.

  • I used to mountain bike for pleasure but now I have a motorized tricycle. I kept falling off the bike. Love the trike. It has a bin behind the seat for carrying things. I use the trike for primary transportation since it is getting more and more difficult to drive. The motor is pedal-assist and will stop working if I stop pedaling. Good exercise and it extends my "on" time for an hour or two after I get off the trike.

  • As a lifelong cyclist I'm sure it's helped delay the progression of my Parkinsons. Can't do as much as I used to but can still manage mini tours of 4-5 days of 50km a day, and while feeling tired at the end of each day I feel normal. Have a fabulous bike need to get my money's worth out of it! If and when can't manage the hills may resort to electric bike but in the meantime keep pedalling!

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