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A big thank you to those who answered the poll on the most worrying symptoms which led to going to see your doctor and an eventual diagnosis

The results from the poll show tremor as the most common initial symptom which led to going to see your doctor and an eventual diagnosis of Parkinson’s. However, the results also show a massive variety of other symptoms which led to the same outcome.

54% of the 161 voters reported tremor as the symptom which led them to go to the doctors eventually resulting in a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, 11% reported stiffness in limbs and 7% reported stiffness in shoulder and only 1-2% reported either backache, constipation or disturbed sleep as the symptom that initially led them to go to the doctors.

Interestingly, nearly a quarter of respondents chose ‘other’ in response to the question. From the comments the other symptoms range from shuffling, dragging of feet, lack of swinging of arms when walking, balance problems, reduced dexterity, small handwriting and blank expressions to extreme anxiety, difficulty focusing, dystonia, pain and extreme fatigue.

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Hi Helen. I don't remember receiving this poll! Had I done so, I would have said that it was only when I started to shuffle that I was diagnosed. I had gone to my GP for some other ailment and he noticed my shuffling. I already had all those symptoms mentioned above and several others as well. I was too busy to go to my doctor for all those symptoms, because none of them stopped me from being able to work. I had been receiving treatment for depression for many years, not knowing that it was part of Pd. I don't think doctors know very much about Pd. They treat us for each individual symptom, without ascertaining the cause. I was on a myriad of pills at the time, and as soon as I knew I had Pd and looked up all the symptoms, I stopped taking most of those pills and concentrated on the Pd.



I was recently DX after my daughter and friends noticed shuffling and I noticed handwriting difficulties on my right side. These I thought were arthritis and being 65. I went to the doctor at the request of both of them. At first the doc thought I may have had a stroke (my only son was having a rough time with PTSD). Two Cat-scans later the neurologist/movement specialist said PD almost right away. I was blessed as I had just joined an HMO and within weeks I had seen several docs, two cat scans, blood work , PT /OT. My dad had PD in his 80's and internet sites reassured me it was NOT genetic. Other than depression I have been blessed with wonderful health my entire this was a shock! Sinemet has greatly decreased my symptoms. However the insomnia and bad dreams have been problematic as I have ALWAYS been a great sleeper and I still work full-time. I'm working on that. Web-sites such as your have been a blessing!!!! Thank you so much.


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