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Update on effects of knee infection which aggravated my PD

Good morning all. While updating my profile I rre-read the posts I h ha ave posted. The last post addressed how the infection had aggravated the PD. Well it has been 8 months since I had a staph iin8fection in my knee, I am still having knee pain but it is due to osteoarthritis. Some days are better than others and can change hour to hour. Mornings and early afternoons are still the best time to accomplish whatever needs to be done..It has been a really tough journey trying to regain conttrol.over the PD. I continue to see subtle changes at various times throughout the da y--seem to be having more balance issu es, having more difficulty getting up out of chair & it really irritates me if I left the walker on the other side of room! ! I am moving sometime in October to a totally brand' new 55+ community so I have taken down most of the pictures and spacklled the holes, have gone through most of kitchen cabinets and will donate whatever hasn't been used since I moved, try to pack at least 1 or 2 boxes/day. I have even started making my first block quilt out of the bags of Christmas fabrics left over from tree skirts I have made as gifts and have made good progress. I also made Jack, my newest grandson a stocking to hang with the ones I made for his mommy & daddy. I will finally get to meet and hold him when my daughter stays with me until hubby finishes business in Toronto and joins them. Lastly my 50th class reunion from HS is early next month a nd I am on the planning committee, ......... whew just read over this post and it's know wonder that I am tired at the end of the day!!! I think I may be taking the reigns back from the PD afterall !!! "You may have knocked me down but I still am able to get up---jus more slowly. So PD you haven't got me yet. :):)):))♥♡♥♡


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hi cowmom27

if that is the right name 4 you

i think you are doing v well after your horrible knee infection and all the problems iwht your move

i have PSP and moved 2 years ago to the ground floor of a wonderful building (where i was on the 1st floor) with my partner to the ground floor he was living some distance away at the time

and at the time i could not pack or unpack anything without falling over so he had to do it all (along with my great carer who helped a lot too)

os i do understand that the move will be difficult 4 you but you will do it1

lol Jill



hi cowmom 27

how r u today?

;lol Jill



good for you. I keep thinking I'd like to move to a more accessible place with no stairs to the outdoors, an automatic elevator and a senior center activity center/cafeteria. But the effort of finding it, selling my apartment, blah blah, well, I do a lot every day and avoid accidents. Had an occupational therapist over the other day and it does seem like it would be easier to move than to make this place safe LOL :D

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I just moved to current apt and am not looking forward to doing it ..again. The n new place is brand new--will have a handicap apt--walkin shower modified kitchen. Will have a fitness room, community and activity room, laundry room all on same floor as my apt plus a few o outher amenities Good l luck.


thanks for your upbeat post.

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