What "helper" would u suggest added to Sinemet 200

My husband is taking Sinemet ENTA 200 mg 6x a day and for a while it worked well.It seems as though once again his on periods take longer to achieve and off periods come quicker and last longer, Does anyone take anything in conjunction with it? He is finally doing PT and seems to be helping but am curious as to what others are doing,

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  • I take a dopamine agonist to extend the on time. My day is pretty seamless.

  • I take a long acting Agonist (requip) and selegiline. Having these meds in the background my lows are not so marked and off periods not so long. Your other choices would be entacopone and azilect. Or smaller amount of sinemet medication more frequently (so the amount in 24 hours is not increased). It takes a while to adjust meds, hope your husband finds something helpful.

  • He does take sinimet ENTA

  • What is ENTA, ? I take sinimet 5 times a day and half a sinimet CR with 3 of those doses. It sort of works depending on what and when I've eaten etc. Some days I'm over medicated and some days under.

  • I use a CR (Time released) Sinemet with the regular dose, plus I have a daily 8 mg Neupro patch I use . Then I take a vitamin B complex. All works well together. Be careful of over taking Sinemet the CR last 8 hrs. the regular 2 to 4 hours.

  • Amantadine twice daily plus smaller doses of levodopa every 2 hours has helped me. Al

    So clonazapam twice a day.

  • Hi,

    I found that taking Azilect 1Mg made my Sinemet 25/100 and Amantadine 100Mg work more efficiently - that was 6/7 years ago and it is still working

    Good luck with the exercise - remember R.I.P.E. - Realistic Improvement in Parkinson's through Exercise

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