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Diann Shaddox Foundation/ Parkinson's People :- Dystonia/Essential Tremor/Parkinson's

Hi All,

I run a facebook page called Parkinson's People, my icon is it's logo.

I have had a request from the Diann Shaddox Foundation for stories concerning Dystonia/ Essential Tremor or Parkinson's.

You can go to the Parkinson's People facebook page to see both blogs (left hand side of page) or

My page is only being used for the purpose of sharing the info. You will have to speak to the DSFOUNDATION concerning what info they want and what they are doing with it !

Diann Shaddox is an author.

Email for them enclosed.

Good luck


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Here is some info you might consider sharing. Attached is my e-mail where you can receive my "PD Symptoms" of 100+ items. E-mail: In the subject area: PD Symptoms. Hope this helps...


Thank-you Charsie, Email on way.

Parkinson's People.


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