A PD POEM, thank you!


I wake before the sun thankful for the darkness

I rise thankful for my drowsy sleepy thoughts, my brain, my mind

I stand thankful for my humanity, my beating heart, my Soul

I wash thankful for my challenges, inspirations, gifts, my life

I watch the early infant sun explode the horizon, reveal the landscape/world

And I’m thankful for who and what I am and will be

You and your smile

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  • Wonderful Poetry. I hope you write more and post.

  • Thank you Mr. Sod, I will!

  • Puts life in perspective...nice to read a positive reason to "being up before dawn"...

  • Yup! Thank you for taking the time to respond. I truly appreciate it!

  • a lovely poem deparkiepoet

    i cannot write poetry but am inspired by your words

    thanks yo

    lol Jill


  • Oh string a few well-chosen and heart-felt words together like pearls and there you have it: you're a Poet! Rise and write Ms. Jill



  • I had never written a poem ,till a few years ago(diagnosed 13 years). Mine are about family events or the choir I joined a year ago,but I did this one on pd,.

    Parkinsons doesn`t give a dam

    Whether your a woman or a man,

    Whether your old or young, it is no fun

    When the doctor says "you have it"

    How to cope I hear you say

    Well as an expert `it`s .....okay"

    But don`t give in and let it win,

    Just take that first punch on the chin.

    Don`t keep it a secret, Let everyone know

    Especially before the symptons do show.

    It`s easier for people to understand,

    Why you a tremor in your hand.

    Life gets hard and is very tiring,

    But life still goes on

    I`m 13 years down the line

    And "YES" I`m still having fun.

    Parkinson`s is not a killer

    It just gets in the bloody way.

    It makes you tired,grumpy and Tearful

    Some people are like it anyway.

    But the IOM has a great society

    We get together each month

    A drop- in a the Palace Hotel

    Down on Douglas front.

    We have some lunch & plenty of chat,

    Some games or maybe a speaker

    I`ve also met some wonderful people

    So Thank you Parkinson`s for that.

  • Wonderful......!

  • Thank you for that excellent poem, It is perfect for me today!

  • Your poem was the first thing I read this morning. Very refreshing inspirational and motivating. A good start to my day thankyou....

  • And your kind words were the first thing I read this morning a perfect start to my day. Thank you so very much. May the sun shine on you gently and your loved ones smile to see you!

  • hi an excellent poem!

    thanks for that

    ( i have [PSP not pARKINSONS ) bt it is still relevant



  • LOVE

  • Nice!

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