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A PD POEM, thank you!


I wake before the sun thankful for the darkness

I rise thankful for my drowsy sleepy thoughts, my brain, my mind

I stand thankful for my humanity, my beating heart, my Soul

I wash thankful for my challenges, inspirations, gifts, my life

I watch the early infant sun explode the horizon, reveal the landscape/world

And I’m thankful for who and what I am and will be

You and your smile

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Wonderful Poetry. I hope you write more and post.


Thank you Mr. Sod, I will!


Puts life in perspective...nice to read a positive reason to "being up before dawn"...


Yup! Thank you for taking the time to respond. I truly appreciate it!

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a lovely poem deparkiepoet

i cannot write poetry but am inspired by your words

thanks yo

lol Jill


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Oh string a few well-chosen and heart-felt words together like pearls and there you have it: you're a Poet! Rise and write Ms. Jill

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I had never written a poem ,till a few years ago(diagnosed 13 years). Mine are about family events or the choir I joined a year ago,but I did this one on pd,.

Parkinsons doesn`t give a dam

Whether your a woman or a man,

Whether your old or young, it is no fun

When the doctor says "you have it"

How to cope I hear you say

Well as an expert `it`s .....okay"

But don`t give in and let it win,

Just take that first punch on the chin.

Don`t keep it a secret, Let everyone know

Especially before the symptons do show.

It`s easier for people to understand,

Why you a tremor in your hand.

Life gets hard and is very tiring,

But life still goes on

I`m 13 years down the line

And "YES" I`m still having fun.

Parkinson`s is not a killer

It just gets in the bloody way.

It makes you tired,grumpy and Tearful

Some people are like it anyway.

But the IOM has a great society

We get together each month

A drop- in a the Palace Hotel

Down on Douglas front.

We have some lunch & plenty of chat,

Some games or maybe a speaker

I`ve also met some wonderful people

So Thank you Parkinson`s for that.

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Thank you for your poem📝 it has confirmed the answer to my question I have had from the beginning: ‘Should I reveal my affliction’? Or, go with ‘don’t ask don’t tell’!

I did from the start and have been but have been second guessed by my spouse as to whether I should.

I usually wait until I feel their gaze and state: “ I have a little touch of Parkinson’s but it’s not contagious”.

I love your line: ‘It’s easier for people to understand’.

Reminds me of the famous Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) quote ‘those who matter don’t care and those who care don’t matter.’

Thank you 🙏


Thank you for that excellent poem, It is perfect for me today!

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Your poem was the first thing I read this morning. Very refreshing inspirational and motivating. A good start to my day thankyou....

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And your kind words were the first thing I read this morning a perfect start to my day. Thank you so very much. May the sun shine on you gently and your loved ones smile to see you!

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hi an excellent poem!

thanks for that

( i have [PSP not pARKINSONS ) bt it is still relevant



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This is my pd poem. It gave me a measure of acceptance. I live in South Africa on a mountain surrounded by indigenous forest which South Africans call 'the bush'.

In the bush the leaves are falling

My leaves are falling too.

Leaf of stillness, leaf of doing,

Leaf of driving, leaf of writing

One by on they'll drop away

And I in the centre going too

At last not I at all.

Leaves are falling

My heart's in mourning

But the sheltering bush holds out it's arms

For wind whispers,

Birds that sing

And echo sweetly

Back again.

Leaves are falling

My heart's in mourning.

And peace comes up from the earth

To hold my mourning.

Thank you DeParkiePoet for your lovely poem. It reminded me how the beautiful world around us is a comfort in itself.