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Warning : another happy post

To reduce the risk of upsetting the ' happy being utterly miserable ' or the 'those who think I 'preach ' and any other PWP who takes exception to my cheer I have posted a happy warning ...

My window is changing. The view I have now is closing. Imagine loosing sight of a field of beautiful flowers. PD is taking me to a new view. I am opening that window and it's different outside now. The first look presents me with a bare vastness that seems impossible to love. But wait the post says happy? Ah well I have discovered when PD changes your view you just need to plant bigger and brighter flowers.

It may not be easy but it's sure as hell. Not impossible.

Happy, as ever.


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Lots of very large Sun flowers. Bright, cheerful, Happy Yellows.


I love this post! Thank you


hi coleen

i love your posts

i agree the window will be different but wha t the hell / w ehave to look for bigger and brighter flowers!

wha t a good idea.

lol jill



Hi Coleen. Once again a post we can all relate to and should take your advice. Nothing stays the same for ever and we need to change with it. Easier said than done, I know. But worth the effort. Sue


There is a software bug here it seems where having posted a reply there is another blank reply with only an error message indicating the empty reply. I think other people have found this and end up sending the same reply twice.


No not glum Pete just went all metaphorical! haha! life is good as ever!


Hi Colleen,

I was just wondering if your optimistic life view stretched to an optimistic view of your end game, i.e. death. And if so how would you describe that view?

Just wondered


Ahh well.. I had a fear of dying. Not the actual event, but the end of my living. I have so much to do. I also don't have any belief of an afterlife of any kind, nor a heaven. I am not sad about that, its simply how I am. Then I had an epiphany hence the past tense. I decided that death is such a key part of the process of being a human that like all other phases just as when we are born a program starts and we learn and grow a program will kick in that shuts us down. I trust and believe in that now, so all will be fine :-) now I am focussed on legacy. I am the sum of what I leave behind…..and I haven't done way enough yet!!


That's the only mind-set to have...happy thoughts :-)

thanks for being so positive...Hamish

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Lovely post. Thanks for sharing a timely reminder.


Did you see the bigger, brighter poppies being planted for the art installation commemorating WW1 warriors? They have been crafted with love to last for ever......perhaps you can see them through your window? Like you my cup is always half full. God bless.


You are such an inspiration! Thanks for all of your positive posts. :)


While it is tougher to keep looking up when we are falling down it is still our best option. Keeping the Joy in our hearts and minds allows us to live better if we are not prospering. Worry and despair get us into deeper seas. As you all know what you nurture, grows. Keep up the good work, love, live the best life you can and be happy to the best of your inspirational ability.

Thanks for you and thanks for this wonderful post.


I try to count my blessings every day. Thanks for the reminder to be positive. :-)


Good advice - as the song puts it

"Forget your troubles, come on, get happy,

lets chase all those blues away"

There is always something to be cheerful about, I only have to see my Tibetan Terrier wagging her tail when I approach to feel uplifted.


we all have much to be grateful matter what.


I hear ya. Life is precious.


I rarely open 'health unlocked' these days and its because of Posts like this.

Constructive help is what I need......not the 'Pollyanna' effect. Sorry. Each to his own. This will be my last effort.


Perhaps your comment could have been a little more constructive….




serving a useful purpose; tending to build up.

"constructive criticism"

synonyms:useful, helpful, productive, positive, encouraging, supportive



I'm truly sorry you feel this way....especially about this site. At age 66, 10 yrs dxd, having made 4 shots at trials - accepted for 3, disillusioned by 1, I find this site increasingly useful. I live in a rural area & could easily become isolated if that was my way. It isn't but that doesn't mean I feel the need (yet) to join face-to-face support groups or to socialise with people because they happen to have PD. I have made friends on this site with whom I can share my hopes & aspirations, my dreams for the future & my frustrations with the reality. We have never met yet we are able to understand through our common bond the impact of our situation on ourselves & those on whose lives we impact.

I am amazed that you have not found a wealth of constructive help: every time I need common sense advice about any issue I post a request on here & generally get a response within 24hrs - not necessarily always positive.


Each to his own as they say! this is a good site one of the better ones. All my posts are done with best intentions and in the spirit of the site. I am always so amazed at how unsupportive and often rude we can all be to each other. Isn't it hard enough without having a bit of a go people in the same boat. It doesn't bother me, just annoys me! Still sorry if is all too 'Pollyanna' and not constructive for you! Perhaps you might have been a little kinder about it or do I live in a field of idealistic flowers. Good luck with finding something that works.



Keep on posting & keep on drumming. Don't pick the London poppies......they're not real. You can keep them in your heart though.



Sometimes PD gives us blurred vision or double vision. The last time I was in a parking lot I found two quarters on the ground. When I picked 'them' up, I only felt one.

The joy of double vision


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