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Pineapple , Watermelon,Sweet potatoes,asparagus, mushrooms etc, Can reduce L-Dopa absorption time,enhance ON time,slow PD progression !!

Experience of my friend one among us :

I had two glasses of pineapple juice ( rich in Mannitol ) 20 minutes

after taking my PD medication Syndopa CR125 ( L-dopa / C-dopa tabs),

and the result was very good. My medication absorption time reduced

from one and a half hrs to 50 minutes, and the effective 'ON' period

per tablet increased from 2 hrs to almost 3 hrs.

This is giving an additional ON period of 3 hrs per day, which is

extremely benificial to me.

Now I have to try watermelon which has more mannitol I guess.

Mannitol is also believed to be effective in decreasing the rate of

progession of PD and maybe stopping it, as it prevents the formation

of clumps of α-synuclein ( a form of protien) in the brain which PD

patients have. Research is going on in this area.

But we dont have to wait for years of research to have watermelon and pineapple.

I have already felt the difference. You can also try it even though

you are having Kappikachu which is also another form of L-dopa.

please send this to any other PD patients you know.


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Very interesting! Thank you so much for this article and good luck in your valiant fight against this horrible disease...


Oh great :( Most of these foods are high in FODMAPs which aggravate my lower ab pain. I have PD and IbS-C. I do eat a lot of fresh pineapple.


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