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Addicted to Sinemet?

Hi all -

I think I mentioned in a previous post that my dad was "abusing" his Sinemet, to the point of being dangerously overmedicated.

Is it possible to be "addicted" to Sinemet and if so, can you wean off of it and get back to "normal"?

My dad had DBS last Friday, and although his program director said he'd have no meds over the weekend (try and not be in the hospital over the weekend, folks), when we saw him Saturday, he was already overmedicated as they were giving him 1 1/2 Sinemet every two hours, which was his regular dose prior to DBS (in actuality he was taking that plus Tasmar and some extra Sinemet thrown in). I think there was some sort of miscommunication, but in any event, 1 1/2 was too much. Given all the balance problems and judgment issues that come with too much Sinemet, we told him he could only have 1 every two hours now that he's at home, to start, and we'd see how he did. Of course, that went over like a ton of bricks.

We found stashes of medicine in all the vehicles, in the garage, etc. My mom has virtually NO patience for him when he's overmedicated (and not much patience when he's not, frankly) and has threatened to move out if he gets like that again.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? He seems to have his psychologist fooled into thinking he's doing well, but his program director for the DBS said it was painfully obvious how overmedicated he was. However, no one has given us any suggestions as to how to manage this going forward. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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I did the same thing twice overdose on sinemet I went to ER and didn't have clue on how to treat me ! It felt like I was having a heart attack and I was freaking out and that made worse be then the anxiety kicks so they put in the IV with Diazepam that worked out to be the answer. I was taking more because I wasn't able to move it was the first time this happened in the 10 years I think it was the clinical trial I was in because it started about 7 months after the trial . The trial was using Gene Therapy had the surgery in Boston Massachusetts General Hospital . The gene inserted was to decrease the GABA because people with people with PD is high and was supposed to lower it they reported that 18 out 20 shown an 68 to 75 % improvement and some were able cut half of their meds . Because this was double blinded trial that means that you have to go through the whole process brain surgery getting my head opened getting 2 holes drilled the 9 yards and I wasn't sure if I got it so I'm going back and forth between Chicago and Boston for 8 months even the nero doctor didn't know which person got it . Well I wasn't seeing any changes but the doctor kept saying give it time to chat happens .A passes then I get the call I didn't get the gene and had the option to get it or the DBS . The whole reason for this was not to get DBS and that I wasn't sure if I could qualify . My goal was to get back to be me again without meds or being Darth Vader . And now I'm stuck sinemet till the next new meds or a cure !!

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What you have said here is nearly incoherent. Perhaps you need psychiatric help....


I m just giving my thought on this, I take almost 500 pills a month, and it is very easy to over dose because the nasty off feeling of the meds not working is hard to live with. And yes sinemet can be addictive ---when it works well, the pd patient is on top of the world. I now how your dad feels, I used to be very afraid of not having my meds......But I found that Vitamin B complex help a huge amount. IT REALLY REALLY WORKS, suggest he supplements 1 of these a day. And his nuero needs to know about the overdosing. It makes everything worse when the people around us can't tolerate the PD person, or nervous system kicks into high gear, then there really is a mess , meds not on and a bad nervous system. Just Horrid living this way!

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