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What color lessens your PD symptoms ............... Yellow, Green, Blue, or Red?

I read how seeing certain colors can a influence brain chemicals and did this simple experiment.

1. Find a quantitative way to measure your PD symptoms. For me, I rotate a tennis ball between my thumb and fingers using my left hand (where my PD is worse). Then I count the rotations I can do in 30 seconds. You can also do finger tapping frequency. If you are taking Sinemet, make sure you are in the "off" mode.

2. If you have Microsoft Paint on your computer, click on a color and use the paintbucket icon to color the background. Then click on full screen and stare at the color for 60 seconds.

3. Perform PD test, i.e. ball rotation, finger tapping, etc.

4. Do this for yellow, green, red, and blue. If you place your mouse arrow over the color box in Paint, the name of the color will appear.

5. Repeat each color a few times.

Let me know what color lessons your symptoms and what color makes it worse. You may be surprised!

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Well.....I guess this is not very interesting. I thought it would be helpful to design glasses or contacts that will only pass certain wavelengths of light to help lessen PD symptoms........ if I knew what color PD folks responded to best. I definitely respond to ____________. Anyway, I guess most folks would like to take a pill, which always rely on the liver to detoxify it. Future humans will be nothing but walking livers to detox all the environmental toxins we have to deal with. "The Walking Livers" are about as disturbing as the "Walking Dead"!


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