DBS from Boston Scientific

DBS from Boston Scientific

Hi all, I'm about to get DBS Vercise as treatment for my tremor dominant PD. This is the result of having had the Medtronic DBS, in for three months with little benefit. I gather that there is little on the internet about this new form of DBS because it is not yet approved in the USA. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts 25 years, which is much smaller than the Medtronic device (there's optimism!)

So I'm looking for anyone who may have experienced this new technology as a trial in the EU?

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  • Dear Friend,

    I had a Non-rechargeable battery Medtronic DBS which lasted for 14 months. Later, I switched on to Rechargeable battery from Medtronics because of frequent travel to USA and London. I found the device inconvenient. Overall I am living with DBS for the last 6 years. I am told Vercise is very good and compact with a remote control for charging.

  • Dear Sorab,

    Thanks for your thoughts. It looks like Vercise is the way forward, not only for being compact, but for me being able to target more accurately. At least that is what I'm lead to believe, and what I'm hoping. The two systems are not compatible, unfortunately, which I hope does not mean new holes being drilled.

  • Hi Merlofriend DBS Vercise ? Can you tell us any more about this treatment havnt heard about it can't find any info on google thanks Sunnysky

  • If you go to Boston Scientific DBS Vercise, then accept the disclaimer, you should find something.

  • I was just approved for the Boston Scientific USA trial yesterday. Initial implant surgery is scheduled for October 15. The Vercise system is a fascinating piece of technology, and apparently is quite a bit more sophisticated than the Medtronic currently approved for use in the USA. I especially like the idea that it was developed specifically for the brain. There are 8 leads on each wire, rather than the 4 on the Medtronic device. The battery can also be recharged at home, so the patient should never have to face additional surgeries for battery replacement. My PD is also tremor dominant - I anticipate a complete cessation of the tremors, since that is what my current drug regimen produces. Good luck!

  • Dear Vivace, Have you got the Vercise DBS system ? What is the result? Since it is almost 11 months, you should know by now.

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