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Does anyone else feel they are going mad through lack of sleep? I know I should be used to it by now, but every so often I feel like a rant!! I have tried everything I can think of, but no luck. It does not help that my husband sleeps like a log. I sleep for about 2 hours when I go to bed and maybe an hour just before I have to get up, but I am used to sleeping for 7/8 hours a night. If this is another of Parkinsons ways of grinding me down, I know its tricks and will try to fight on. Sorry for the rant!!

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  • Hi Court, I have the same sleeping pattern

    I was in bed at 23.30 and woke at 05.00

    I got up, emptied the dish washer (always good for brownie points, let the dog out then made my fresh fruit smoothie - Apple, Pear, Apricot, Nectarine and Grapes al with a Yogurt - about a pint to a pint and a half. I drink half of it and mix the rest in with my porridge

    After washing up (more brownie points) I check my emails and go back to bed at 07.00 and will sleep deeply for two hours - I have to lie on my left side which is not my normal side but for some reason works

    Try it - others have and the two shift sleep works.

    Kind regards from Sleepy (stifling a yawn)

  • Yes I'm afraid I too only sleep about three hours and I have Parkinsons is very common.i don't stay in bed with a snoring husband.....I get up and do something ...listen to music,yoga,read ,meditate doesn't make me sleep anymore but is less stressful.Never never never give up

  • Yes it's just another way in which PD disrupts normal life. It only makes me feel very tired after a few days and then I have to have more time in bed or time snoozing in the day. In genera though I'm glad to have the extra time to do stuff.

  • If you can get your hands on them: Fresh pineapples. They help to create natural melatomine in your system, the hormone that helps your prolonged sleep.

    Take care!

  • Court

    Have same experience. Get up. watch TV or on computer (like now) for two or three hours, back to bed, again sleep around two hours, then up for the day. My impression is movement in bed is an issue. I tend to sleep on my side. I don't move within time I sleep....wake up in position I started. Moving while in bed is a hassle (have got John Argues DVD on how to, it works). Problem is that it does not consider that I choose to sleep with my spouse who is a relative light sleeper. The routine for moving take up a lot of space and for myself having the covers loose. Needless to say this can disrupt her slumber. On occasion when traveling and sleeping in separate beds, makes a world of difference. Although awaken, can use Argue's technique to move to other side, then quickly back to sleep. In addition on occasion nap for an hour or so in the afternoon. Some times if I am really tired...will exit bed using Argue technique, then reenter bed again using this technique, on other side.

    Another issue for myself, is position in bed to assure won't accidently fall off the bed. Leads me to choose a position on side that is balanced (by Center of Motion) to middle of bed..

    Bill David

  • Clarification...reenter bed on my other side, not other side of bed.


  • I know what you mean. I have problems getting to sleep so am often still awake at 4am. I also have disturbed sleep as I wake in pain and have to change positions. Problem is I work full time so can't go back to bed during the day - I'm at my desk at work at the moment but just feel like a complete zombie. Partner doesn't understand why I can't just go to bed at a decent time - he's had enough so we're in the process of splitting. He's taking our 15 year old son to live with him, our 13 year old daughter is staying with me (although I do worry if I will be able to give her all that she deserves). Things do seem a bit bleak at the moment but I'm a glass half full kind of person so will hopefully bounce back.

  • Floozeanne, I'm sorry for what you are going thru. Thoughts and prayers are sent to you.

  • Floozeanne, so sorry to hear that. You sound like a strong person and my prayers are with you.

  • Praying everything will work out for you.

  • Good morning it seems 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep is getting to be my norm add to that I sleep better in my recliner than I do in bed. At least 1 to 2 times a month I wake up screaming from a nightmare--side effect from meds.Awake for the day between 5 and 6 AM Had PD since 2006.

  • Court, I have the same problem. I usually sleep for 3 hrs and am awake for 2 or 3. I get out of bed and watch tv or play on the computer. Then I go back to bed in the guest room so I don't disturb my husband. I take one or two ( hr ) naps during the day. If I get 6 hrs sleep in 24 hrs, I'm really doing well. I don't always, though.

  • I found changing our bed worked. We got one of those select comfort beds. On the nights I am having a bad night I can adjust the mattress the change in pressure seems to work. The other nice thing about them is the way they are design I can move around in bed without disturbing my partner.

  • I believe that there are several culprits including serotonin and tryptophan. I usually sleep well from 9:00 am until 1 or 2 am. That is when I will eat a small piece of chicken (tryptophan) and a small piece of trazadone (possibly 1/4 of a 50mg tablet). Consuming together works well. Also stay off the computer for several days and try to spend time outside on broad daylight helps.

  • How long have you had PD and what's your age? I'm 73 dx 10 years now. i take klonopin, sometimes 2 if i'm in a lot of (ab) pain. plus valerian and melatonin. If I can't sleep i stretch out on couch and watch old movies on TCM until I fall asleep. I'd like to be outdoors more. Hard to get out. I'm working on that.

  • Crazy nightmares seeing strange things that aren't there & walking in my sleep .. 1 hr sleep (good sleep) awake 2 hrs is usual pattern .. Dx 2010 .. 63 .. Meds work wonderfully when awake .. Amantadine, Rasagiline, Provigil, Carbidopa 25/Lavodopa .. Exercise & walk & outdoors with plants .. First 2 yrs after Dx I couldn't stay awake with the fatigue factor .. I prefer a minimum of sleep to sleeping around the clock .. Does anyone keep a daily journal of this craziness?

  • I had the same proBlem before I had DBS . I use get 1-4 hours every 2 days. So that means i only go to bed every other day. DBS reduced the amount of drugs I needed to take, so I can finally gett 6-8 hours a night.

  • Marijuana oil gives me 8 hours of much needed sleep with no ill effects, If you can get it, give it a try.

  • Hi new to this I have always had trouble sleeping due to arthritis was born with it so I have never really known "pain free". I find I was going to bed later and waking up with maybe 2-3 hrs sometimes I sleep until 1 or 2 drives me crazy but I also realize I catch up on some netflix son has ADHD so sometimes we just sit and talk...

  • restless legs and pain starts up at bedtime and then I suffer until about 4am then I fitfully rest. Have not found a drug that helps yet.

  • sleeping problems very common.

    Do not drink anything at least two hours before going to bed.

    No distractions- turn tv/radio/lights off.

    Make sure you are comfy enough.

    Good suitable pillows.

    Make sure the room is dark.

    Hope for the best !!

  • Sue, I feel your pain! It is an endless cycle. I sleep anywhere from 1-2 hours with the aid of drugs. When I wake up, instead of tossing and turning trying to go back to sleep, I get up, catch up on reading, computer, etc...things that will hopefully eventually make me sleepy again. Then I go for round 2...sometimes I go back to sleep, sometimes's a curse! I wouldn't know how to act if I got a full night's sleep! Sounds heavenly though. Zzzzzzz

  • I can so relate to your plight. My husband sleeps soundly while I am up within a few hours. I am finding it so tough to plan anything anymore.

  • Rant justified! I fall asleep easily around 10pm but by 12:30 I start clock watching..12:30-1:30-3:30-now I have woken up the dog and have to take her out-resume clock watching 5:00, 5:45 husband's alarm goes off and it is time to start the day! I am now trying Aleve PM and some nights I actually do sleep but some I still clock watch.

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