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Sleeping long periods at a time?

Good morning,I was just curious to see if anyone else can sleep

long periods during the day and still sleep at night. This seems to happen every couple of weeks or so.

I was diagnosed 1 1/2 yrs ago, live in Calgary, Alberta.

My symptoms seem to be around pain, stiffness, balance issues, blurred vision when "off" meds(Sinemet 100/25 every 4 hours

I would appreciate any comments

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Hi Annie,

I wondering if maybe you sleep but your not getting a goodnight of deep sleep. So you wake up tired and during the day. Then after a few weeks your body is totally exhausted and that's when you can get a good nights rest. I use to go through periods like you described diagnosed going on 3 years now and I too am on Sinemet same dose and same symptoms except the vision. I would wake up around 3 AM and not be able to go back to sleep. Once in awhile, I still go through periods of this sleep pattern but not as much. I am not sure if it's because I try to do more during the day now but at night I seem to be sleeping much better through the night actually !


hi annie,

i don't normally sleep during the day. but when i go to bed about 11:30PM, i just can't wake up early, i feel a need for sleep. so i allow myself another two minutes . HA! when it turns into more like 2 hours.

and by the time i am ready to get going . do some stuff on the PC. and i'm tired again. i used to take an afternoon nap. but that was becoming longer and longer. and i really didn' t want to sleep my life away. now i force myself to stay awake.

i don't no if this is anything like your problem, but it does seem to parrellel our symptoms.

thanks for mentioning your problem. judam.


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