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"Motörhead" or surgery

I have two concerns. Two doctor friends and I wonder if long hours spent as teens and young adults in small garages, working on cars, with motors running, and/or chemicals involved, contributed to our disease. And now another friend has developed PD who worked in an auto shop all his life. The other thought is about anesthesia. That fellow and I had 4 or five surgeries in the two years leading up to diagnosis.

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Interesting thought although I did work in the motor trade I did not develop any symptoms till I had a partial nephrectomy about seven years ago It is possible that a reaction to the anaesthetic that triggers parkinsomism I was diagnosed about a year and a half after the op after about six months of showing symptoms. the first of which was my inability to swim.?


good question


Hi Motorhead. Does it really matter how we managed to get Pd? Can we learn how to deal with Pd better, knowing how we got it? Unless we are scientists and really want to help other people deal with their Pd better, we are not in a position to do anything in this way. I have come to the conclusion, many years ago, that even if some scientists are looking for a cure for Pd, and if they were to find that miracle cure, they stand little chance of getting that cure onto the market, because there are far too many vested interests out there to prevent that from happening. Look around you! How many cures for any chronic health problems have come onto the market in your lifetime? I'm only 79 and I can't think of any. Now, maybe the scientists are not as clever as we think they are, because zero results in all that time is not a very good record. Billions of dollars have been spent on this cause, with no success. Maybe that is also good for business, because those dollars won't dry up until a cure is found and when that happens, what happens to all those people involved in searching for a cure? Call me a cynic, but I'll make a bet that I am right on the button!



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