Parkinson's Movement

Be kind to your butt

Despite recently going to a gym for aerobics and strengthening, I am developing a new bad habit. I am plopping down in the chair when I'm off or fatigued. This is inconsistent but I know better and need to address it.

I have been a Physical Therapist since 1975 and have seen many patients associated with disc problems and compression fractures of the spine from this behavior.

The solution is to slowly lower your butt down in the chair using and strengthening the same muscles that lift up. There are 3 muscle actions. Concentric which is lifting: butt up out of the chair. Isometric which is holding still half way up and eccentric which is the lowering back down. When we lower slowly or better yet, hold still a second, we are improving the muscles that lift the butt up.

If it seems very difficult to start it should be done in a taller chair using your arms on the armrests... uses the same upper body muscles that lift us up.

Now I need to kindly practice what I preach.

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a part of the psp which i havebeen diagnosed with is to plop down on he chair

and i know when i do my exercises i raise mys elf propery btu nto hwen i am relaxed ro at othe times of hte day

love jill and a :-0


Thank you for the good information.

I now know why my grandmother always said no to plop down on the sofa. :)


My husband plops into the chair .I know it's part of muscle loss but he also finds it difficult going backwards . . He ends up tryin to get into the chair by gover over the arm .


Thanks. All useful can think of us all practising!


Great reminder. Hubby does that when he is fatigued. We really need to buy him a different chair for the living room as his is a rocker and not always easy for him to get out of OR in...


Thanks for the info. I was taught in Physical Therapy how to get out of a chair

and into one. Now, if I'd just practice Maybe that would help. My husband just grits his teeth when I get in and out of chairs. And I am banned for life on anything with wheels on it. LOL


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