i havnt been here for a while ,i have just been getting on with things, this annoying disease is getting worse but it wont beat me yet, my pains are worse my shake is bad and ive started to stutter ,i cant sleep my love life is nil, but im still here , but ive found that if i commit myself to what ever im doing i get thru it, but if i falter i fail im not sure what my family think of it all i never hear from them , my friends have distanced themselves over the last couple of years im not complaining just sounding off i still enjoy life so heres to the sufferers to hell with the rest we are the fighters

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  • Well done u keep fighting and never never never give up

  • giving up is not an option my dog wont let me for starters

  • Hi dave ...I hear your frustration. What can we do but try to get through each day the best we can and try to motivate ourselves to do new things. I just feel overwhelmed most times with everyday simple things that take so long and that leaves me with little space to do much else. Sometimes I just feel like running out the front door and leaving everything behind but I'm a woman and the need to have everything ship shape is ingrained in me so it's a vicious circle. After that I find it hard to motivate myself to do anything. I miss that energy and quickness I used to have, I miss working, having a purpose, feeling on a Friday night content it was the weekend. I miss being able to move spontaneously . Only those who have Parkinson's can appreciate these feelings the whole disease is exhausting. But at least we have time on our hands . I lost my mum from bowel cancer within a few weeks of diagnosis . So there are worse things. we just have to find ways to create that enthusiasm back in our lives I know I have to find that way soon or I'll start to go downhill which Is not like me but I think each of us get to this point at some stage.....

  • Yes we do all get to that stage but you have to find another gaol to keep you going , just smile even if others can't see it , the secret is that you no that your smiling and as frustrating as it is some times it can be better if it takes longer to doe things, I no as if just pulled out our old kitchen and put a new second hand one in , should have been three weekends to do it at the most I'm now up to seven and still not finished but I will not let my Parkinson's stop me from finishing,

  • i miss my fine tuning it took me an hour to tie a fishing hook on last week

  • Hiya Dave. Love your fighting spirit. Keep up the good fight. All the very best to you.

  • thank u i will certainly go down fighting

  • Hi daveyno9,

    I've had Parkinson's for 15 years now and I'm 55 , your right when you say bugger the rest because I know that the big p will win one day but I'll make the bugger fight to get every inch as being positive no matter what Is better than giving in.

  • good on u keep going

  • You Go Davey!!!! We're all in this together!!! Standing Strong Until the cure..:.

  • I empathize with you. I know a cure is on the way. Please pray for it to be soon. This illness sucks! Hang in there. I wish I could even smile, but this disease has stolen that from me too (physically). I wish you all the best. Prayers for you too.

  • I understand exactly how you feel. I know Parkinsons will probably catch me one day, but I am going to continue running in the hope that more progress will be made towards at least halting the way the disease progresses. We have to cling to that hope and continue fighting.

  • Dear David,you are right, I have only two years with PD and I am Tired of it. But you must to still trying to find the better solution, looking for different methods, different treatments. Talk with tour friends about this o make new friends probabily betwin in the same condition that you. Are you candidate for a surgery? If not, read, look ,ask etc. for new medicines and over all, exercise. I found swiming moments that make me feel well and can't think in my disease because I am counting my strokes, then I am thinking in nothing..

    I wish for you peace and the new medicine that come soon, for all of us.

    Best wishes.


  • surgery is not an option for me so ill just be patient

  • sound off! My friends complain I don't have time for them. Most of my friends are complainers? Or full of good advice I don't want or need :D I;m trying to come up with some snappy retorts to change the subject. I need friends and family who are inspiring and/or distracting. Know what I mean? I find myself getting crabby with people and happy to be alone but not really :P Oh well 12 years with PD 73 YO I can still smile and get a smile in return. And I fell twice last week and didn't break anything . Call me lucky PatV

  • Dave, you are an inspiration. Thanks for the fighting words...charge!

  • the only good thing about having pd is it gives me a great excuse for my lousy golf but i wont give that up

  • Check out my book at my website shakinghands.ca

  • Hi. It is no use complaining about Pd! If you have it, you have to get used to it. However! There is something we can all do about it, but as we are not all alike, I have to say in advance that you should not get too excited.

    I was diagnosed with Pd in 1992, at the age of 58. I am now 79 and I have managed to overcome many of my Pd movement movement problems. My 1st symptoms started in 1963, at the age of 29, when I found that I could not throw a ball properly. Because I was in the habit of doing lots of regular energetic exercise, it took until 1992, 29 years, before my neurologist was able to diagnose it.

    I am not going to bore you with all the details but fast walking, three times a week for one hour and taking the only Pd medication that is capable of possibly slowing down Pd, have both helped me to get to the stage where I no longer need any Pd medication and I live a normal life again. If you would like to know more then email me at johnpepper@telkomsa.net. I am not selling anything and there are no gimmicks.


  • John Pepper, what is your take on LDN?

  • ive had two artificial knees so fast walking is not an option waiting for surgery on my shoulders arthritis in my back & sometimes my left hand wont work so energetic exercise is off the list but i walk well shuffle my dog play golf n fish make love when i get the chance pd? what the hell is that

  • Hi Davey. We can only do what we are able to do. The secret is to make the most of what we are able to do, and enjoying it...!


  • Hi michaela. I have no experience of LDN. I am not aware of any studies carried out on Naltroxone. If it were to be effective on Pd, then some studies would have bee carried out by the manufacturers. It is easy to CLAIM that something is good for Pd, but there has tro be evidence for those claims.


  • anyway still here still fighting still upright well nearly , the golf is improving

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