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On a learning curve with an APO pump

I f I can persuade the thing to remain attached to my wife all day the results are very good, problems have been that the infusion needle (which has to be used in her lower back due to her very poor weight) seems reluctant to remain in place without an "X" of surgical quality tape (Durapore 1" wide is the best I've found), also I have found the tie-up between "flow rate" and the actual setting on the pump very confusing i.e for a flow rate of 4 the pump setting has to be .80 ml, the APO nurse has to carry a conversion chart!, I have made my own.

Also the connection between the infuser and the pump is prone to pull of as it is only a push fit, needs a screw thread!.

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Tincture of benzoin is used under dressings and tape to form a tacky film to hold tape in place. Maybe that would help. You apply a layer with a cotton swab, let it dry a few seconds, then place the tape over it. It's used in hospitals to secure various things like colostomy bags, or feeding tube tape to noses to keep the feeding tube from sliding out.


Thank you for your prompt reply, as the infusion needle and tube have to be renewed every morning that fix might be too permanent, since writing that we have started a new regime of the patient dressing before the pump is fitted, thus reducing the risk of disturbance whilst changing, also wearing trousers with pockets means the pump is not prone to "wander" and put strain on the tube, I think we are getting there!

Kind regards. P.


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