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I was diagnosed with Parkinson two years ago. My problem is I still work but for the last 6 months I have had severe back and right hip pain.My neurologist said that's for the orthopedic department. The orthopedic doctors wont inject my hip as he has done in the past because I have Parkinson. I go to physical therapy two times a week. I have taken Etodolac and methocarbonol for months but they don't help.The orthopedic doctor said this is just part of having Parkinson deal with it.. I think patient with any chronic illness should have the right to the same kind of pain relief as any other patient.

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  • Hi Carconcopy1, The short answer is yes: patients with chronic conditions are entitled to have their symptoms treated. With more information perhaps we PwP may be able to give more support. Where do you live? How old are you? What gender? What type of work do practice? What treatments/medications are you taking for your PD?

    In the UK we have a government advisory body called NICE which issues guidance to medics about treatments/medications which tend to be viewed as instructions. A key term until fairly recently was 'quality of life' ie if your quality of life was very impaired by your symptoms then action would follow. I have not heard this for some time so maybe it has gone out of favour. Some countries are very prescriptive about drugs so more information would be useful. Perhaps you could write a short biography for your personal profile on the site? This will save you having to repeat the same information.

  • Amazingly I am an RN in a hospital, I am on a newpro patch 4mg daily azlect 1mg daily. I see this daily with MS and other conditions. I am 56 years old. In the 80s a group of us travelled to the capital and lobbied for patients rights. It took up a lot of time. Now I think it is time to do this again. I live in ohio.I have had bursitis in this hip before and had injected about 6 years ago. Just frustrated.

  • Which side is your PD on at present?

    Sounds like your two specialists disagree and you are caught in the middle. Any possibility of trying an LDopa drug one dose or short term. Your response to it may help in deciding the best way forward.


  • I have weakness on the left side . Occasionally tremors when I get nervous, I am willing to try anything ,This pain just start in February and has progressively

    gotten worse. My hip throbs so much at night that I cannot sleep, The pain in my right hip. I had the same type of pain six years ago, at that time I was told it was bursitis, This was before I was diagnosed with Parkinson's, We have an awesome program here presented to us by the Shakers and Movers , it is a retrain your brain program we do physical therapy twice a week which includes strength training and balancing balance exercises ,

  • Yes agree Honeycombe, especially background info. Carconcopy i am thinking you may not be on PD meds yet? You describe classic PD symptoms that I have that go when I am medicated. So pain relief for me for hip and back pain is sinemet. Others find that helps but they may need additional pain relief as well.

  • I was in the same pain. Finally my pain doctor prescribed Lyrica. This miracle capsule has relieved me of 90%_ 100% of the pain most of the day. I just started it this week after two years of debilitating lower back pain. Ask for it. I had immediate relief the first day.

  • Thank you, the pain clinic was going to be my next step

  • Have you tried Amitriptyline ! Once we got a rise and recline bed , my husband uses a hospital style one , I started raises the knee part and it relaxed the side , it was my husband right side . He had no pain since . It can travel into the heel .

  • An MRI scan would determine whether there was an inflammatory condition at the root of your pain, such as bursitis, tendon inflammation etc. Would your GP send you for this to settle the question of whether it is the PD or not. I have had a similar sequence of events and whether the bursitis was precipitated by stiff muscles caused by the PD or developed by itself, as others have said, you do not have to lump it. I think its more likely that the specialist now thinks the bursits dx was wrong but he/she isn't going to admit that to you.

  • My physician doesn't feel that I need an MRI, My bursitis treatment was six years ago and this was before I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Within a day my pain was gone and has been gone for six years,

    I guess this is why I am so frustrated ,

  • Two recent research articles that both link PD and muscular skeletal problems. While it didnt always take it away PD Medication helped the pain significantly.

    July 2013,

    Musculoskeletal problems in Parkinson's disease: Neglected issues


    The prevalence of musculoskeletal problems was significantly higher in the PD group than in the control group (66.3% vs. 45.7%, P < 0.001). Commonly involved body sites were the low back, knee, and shoulder in that order.

    Journal of the Neurological Sciences

    15 August 2012,

    Musculoskeletal problems as an initial manifestation of Parkinson's disease: A retrospective study


    Of the PD patients who went on to develop motor features of PD, one third manifested musculoskeletal pain as the initial symptom. A good response to L-DOPA therapy was seen in 85% of cases presenting with musculoskeletal pain. Our findings suggest that musculoskeletal pain may be a significant feature in earlier PD stages.

  • My husband experiences pain in his back and arms when he needs to adjust his medication. Then, no pain. When did you last have a medications review car copy 1 ? At least that would eliminate one possible cause, having your pd under control.

  • I am not a medical professional but the dx of bursitis without a cause sounds odd to me also the way in which your body responded to the injection. If bursitis is the swelling accompanying another trigger eg a trapped nerve then there could be the same or a different cause this time. About 6 months ago I fell backwards & was in agony with my lower back for 4 months despite all treatments & painkillers. I could only stand & walk with aids & had to use a commode for weeks. The MRI scan showed an existing stenosis which had been aggravated by the fall & over time, with intensive physio & 5 Elements acupuncture & hypnotherapy (all private) I have recovered. My NHS physio referral took 4 months to come through by which time I was out of acute pain.

  • Bursitis is commonly caused by repetitive movement , Yes, some drugs like Actonel

    Can cause bursitis . Most of your bones strengthening drugs has the potential to cause bursitis. As you age your potential for getting bursitis is greater like any other condition. The cause of bursitis or many other conditions is not always pinpointed.,

  • I agree with the Honeycombe 3 but I ignore how is working with PD in UK.

    IN my experience, swiming is an incredible help. Also the execise and yoga buy nothing is compared with swim.

    Tray it and you will see. Since 2 months ago I started to swim four or five days a week, two with a therapist in rehabilitation and another two days with yoga and my condition is better.

    I hoe it will help you



  • Thank you, I have been an avid hiker and skier up until this summer . So you can imagine how depressing this summer has been , I am in to much pain to hike and I can no longer get up on the skis , Every day that my daughter and I have off together we were either hiking or at the lake. So, I am getting a pool put in. I figured that if I can't ski at least I can swim . I am glad to hear hear that it has helped you , I

    t will be low impactpact on my joints to .

  • If it is trochanteric bursitis ice packs and deep friction massage might fix it.

  • you have the right to have your pain treated appropriately. Pain, worldwide, is under-treated, which is unethical and immoral, if you think of it. Find a pain clinic? Stress increases pain, too. Check this out for more background info on how common under-treatment for pain is. It is virtually ignored far too often.


  • I agree, pain is the 5th vital sign. but once you have a diagnose of a chronic condition you are expected to just except it.

  • I have back pain on my affected left side which disappears when my meds kick in. I also exercise a lot. Have you heard of Putkisto? See link methodputkisto.com/uk/2/23/. It is excellent. Hope it is available in Ohio. Or ask people to become practitioners to help others in your area. Most physios willing to acquire additional therapies and knowledge.

  • Thank you

  • My ortho did xrays and an MRI. I have bursitis in my hips and osteoarthritis in my right knee. I am scheduled for a right knee replacement in August. I would ask for a referral to another ortho or a pain clinic. For a doctor to assume it is PD driven without testing is very ignorant. I have extensive osteoarthritis and PD. My ortho is very caring and does not assume anything. Good luck.

  • good luck with your surgery. And I agree that you have to follow up on pain symptoms. If your doctor doesn't listen, get another opinion. Also look into physical therapy. It really works for my husband, diagnosed in 2007.

  • Your post is very timely. I have had pain in my left hip and lower left back for years. I recently heard a neurologist Dr. Monique Giroux give a talk and she said that lower back pain can definitely be influenced by Parkinson's. I can attest to this as I had my right side DBS done at the end of April and since then 95% of my lower left back pain is gone however it shifted to my right side (non-DBS side" I anticipate most of this to go away once my left implant is done.

  • I would seek out a good pain specialist. I have lots of back problems and have had many injections that don't help for long. Can't imagine doctor not helping you. I am looking at the possibility of a neurostimulator. Go see someone else! There is help out there.

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