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Does anyone know where I can purchase Low Dose Naltrexone in the UK?

I am very keen to give it a go but can't find anything on the internet with a view to purchasing it. I thought there was a way of having a consultation on line and being issued with a prescription but the site I found didn't include Parkinsons as a condition suitable for this medication. Would be most grateful if anyone has any info on this.

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Hello Munnings

In answer to your question, start off by telephoning 0141 4046545. This is the pharmacy number who supply the LDN on prescription. They will give you the telephone number of the prescribing doctor who will ask you questions over the phone and will then Fax a prescription to the pharmacy whose number I have given you above. As you will be aware, there are quite a few PwP who take

LDN. It can be prescribed for many conditions.




Thank you very much for info, I will contact pharmacy first thing tomorrow. Have to say, I have found this site invaluable for gaining speedy, reliable information, it certainly feels like belonging to a community and makes one feel less isolated.



Reply I am not sure whether this is of good quality.


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