?regarding shoes for those with pd

My husband has worn sas shoes for years after being dx'd with pd, recent morning as I was putting them on him I realized the weight was a bit heavy. Thinking I need to get a light weight shoe when he is able to walk a bit in our home, he requires my total assistance and I really want to help him get a bit more walking daily. Has anyone found a good light weight shoe and if so could you let me know, and what they are. He has a very high instep so I have a hard time fitting him. Appreciate your input, thanks, Patti

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  • Try this link below. If it does not work the firm is called wider shoes LTD (just type it in) try a local shoe shop if they can't help they will know one locally I feel sure.

    Wide Fitting Shoes, Wide Footwear, Extra Wide, Shoes For Swollen Feet, Large Shoes -

  • Google Comfort Shoes . I get them for my husband . They have different flexibility /stretch and fitting s . They also sell socks .My husband s toes curl upwards and can rub on the shoe.

  • Skechers has a nice light shoe right now. And they come in wide sizes. We like the velcro closings on shoes. As ablilities dwindle, this is still something can a person can do independently.

  • I need a heavy shoe with good aches, seems they need to be wider also. When the shoe fits snug it rounds my feet out and I fall more easy. A wide shoe seems to track better, if to light I don't pick my feet up well.

    Best wishes, sometimes change isn't a good idea for PD people we get used to a routine and change messes me up. Maybe ask hubby if he wants different shoes. Just a thought. Take care.

  • Don't know which country you are in - we found Hotter with Velcro fastening quite light and comfy. (UK)


  • I get my husband New Balance sneakers, they come in wide widths. Check out Zappos.com. The have free shipping both ways, and take everything back without a problem. That way you can try different pairs without feeling "committed". Good luck

  • I wear Skechers go walk shoes. They are the lightest and most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I have 3 different pairs and love them. I am not sure if they make them in men's but I hope they do for your husband's sake.

  • podiatrists often have catalogs, if not kiosks with shoes, in their offices. Or call the offices and ask.

  • I wear support hose and REI ankle socks indoors.Without shoes/footwear, I'm more sure of my balance. Every year or two I buy a new pair of ECCO sandals which give excellent support and are easy to adjust and tighten with velcro. I wear sandals year round. ECCOs are spendy but well worth it. The old ones I use for gardening when I want a change from slippers. I buy Route 66 brand at K-Mart or Big K and get excellent balance (seldom trip or fall). I wear a plain black bike helmet in case I do fall.

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