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GDNF-I was speaking to my sister in UK today and she sent me a link to a hospital there that is doing some very promising research on pd.

GDNF breaks the blood brain barrier and sounds hopeful. If you have not already heard of it here is the link she sent me. http/:www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-24456415. The hosp. is Frenchay hosp. of neorosciences, Bristol

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Very interested in any research on GDNF hoiwever can not acess the bbc.uk site please give more information on the research and the correct site address. This is very imprtant information Beth Fisher MD made a presentation on this at the Washington PD cconference,the she simply disappeared, it is important that everyone with PD has the knowledge, and studies oif GDNF thank ASASP Rayn 12


Tested link below, it works.


Above is last years news. I believe they have all the volunteers they require and the trial is well under way.


If you want a history of this method of getting GDNF to the brain, I recommend you read:




Good to see this case being brought a bit nearer home. Trial participants have to undergo surgery to implant a device that can deliver GDNF to the brain. Four needles and a port behind the ear to supply the GDNF. As far as I know the procedure was originally impossible as the firm Amgen who hold th patent claimed the drug was dangerous and cause brain damage. They refused to prescribe it. This split the Parkinson's community and doctors couldn't explain what was going on to their patients. Was it a proper clinical decision or a cold business decision?

Unfortunately however if the PD is caused by alpha synuclein the GDNF is not neuroprotective, but if it is caused by free radicals it is. Synuclein and free radicals kill the brain differently.


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