Parkinson's Movement

i have tremors only; if I eat certain foods and plenty of water and sleep. Tremors aren't happening 98%f the time. some drs. say its not PD

some drs say its not PD but don't know what it is but think its related to food. I went to 2 different Nuerologist and the very first thing said You need brain surgery; this is without knowing any history. any help would be most appreciated

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With exception of brain surgery, I do not know what they saw, the doc may be right, it may not be P


It seems to me you are left in the dark. What do the doctors think it may be, or have they not said?

Why would they think Brain surgery was needed if they did not have an idea about the cause of the problem.

Do you know what certain foods cause your problem?


Sounds like it's time to fire two neurologist and try a third. Many of us go through two or three or more neuros before we find a good one.

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When it was determined that I had PD, the neurologist told me I had essential tremours, (a double whammy) over the years my shakes have increased dramatically, any increaase in my emotions I can vibrate like crazy...the problem I see for my 80th BD, how will I remain some what stationery while I receive friends?I think I have found the solution, my good friend Raymond is in another stage, of Pd. While a visit with his wife generally the visitation ends with a afternoon nap, sleep stops the tremours, one simply gets tried of shaking. This day Raymond got out of bed knelt down at the side of the bed and prayered to his Savior. May God give us the wisdom of Raymond, when the shakes, confusion and lonliness are overwhelming, kneel down and pray. Thank you Raymond for teaching us to place our trust in God, in prayer we will find peace and rest. DJ Ryan


Thanks for sharing that. It's such an important part of managing the condition. Having faith and belief in a higher being has made a huge difference in my life. I practice prayer, meditation and mantras which are impacting in a positive way on my PD.

As for the tremors, have you been tested for celiacs disease? There is speculation/evidence (I'm not sure which) )about a connection. I have celiacs.


Make sure you have a neurologist with an interest in Parkinson's. Not all neurologists are equal.

You need a clear explanation of their reasoning and possibly and help in understanding where they are coming from. They may be right but obviously they have not been able to explain it to you fully.

Are you confusing a DaT scan with an operation? This sort of scan is used to help with difficult diagnoses.


It might be essential tremor. ET only happens when you start to move and Parkinson's tremor happens when you are at rest.


Overcomer has gone! He/she posted about a rather bizarre situation and has not stayed to carry on the conversation. ?? Do trolls visit here?


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