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Fullness in head

Does anyone have the following symptoms?

l. A pronounced feeling of "fullness" in the head; feels like a virus has infected my brain!

2. An inability to tilt my head backwards without feeling off balance or "dizzy"

3. Eyes that seem to lose focus or "stick"?

4. A feeling akin to a flu-like invasion of my entire body.

I am not on any meds. A neurologist ruled out MS and ALS and concluded this is "most likely" Parkinson's Disease.

I have experienced bizarre symptoms (as noted), in addition to others, episodically for about 3 decades.

I would appreciate anyone sharing his experience germane to the above.

Grateful for your assistance,

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I too often have flu like symptoms in the head, muscle pains in limbs, and have mentioned it numerous times to the GP, and neurologist. The PD nurse once reckoned it may be due to taking too much Vit D.(I only take as prescribed) I told GP, she said no! But did a Blood test. when I went back they had done the blood test but not for vit D levels, just routine. I reckon it is just like the joint and muscle pain. My neurologist says it is the PD, my GP says it is not, so nothing ever gets done. I think it is just one of those things they don't know, and one just has to put up with it all.

If you can get into some absorbing hobby you can forget it for a while. Thats Life as they say!


Thank you for sharing. This "fullness" in the head makes me disoriented. It feels as if the inside of my head has turned to cement!


I was dx 11 yrs ago; 4 years ago. I now have severe vertigo whenever I tip my head back. My neurologist wasn't interested and said not due to PD. However an excellent ENT consultant spent ages explaining to me how it probably was due to the damage PD had caused in parts of the brain dealing with balance- can't remember the fine details now but it made sense. I can look up my notes made at the time if it would help.


Pen1, the explanation of the ENT consultant seems valid. I am grateful for your taking the time to respond.


I also deal with vertigo from time to time, took anti-vert at one time, but did not seem to help. It is interesting to me how some symptoms come and go...


Sorry meant 4 years ago the vertigo started


Sounds a bit like how I get when I have been doing too much and need to take a break. This being over several weeks or months.

The dizzyness and lack of focus, I would say are normal PD symptoms. I experience these too especially the lack of focus.

The flu/viral thing may be more to do with your perception of what's going on - kind of like a physical rather than visual hallucination. For want of a better way of putting it.


Pete-1, Exhaustion and stress definitely exacerbate the "fullness". Is the feeling of being disoriented a classic PD symptom, as well? It seems every disconcerting physical/mental/emotional manifestation is subsumed under the umbrella "classic PD symptom"!

Thank you.


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