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Do high-oxalate foods such as beets, spinach, lentils, beans, etc. worsen your PD symptoms? Has anyone tried a low-oxalate diet?

I've had a few days where my PD symptoms were particularly annoying and the Sinemet was not as effective. On these occasions I ate a large amount of spinach or lentils (very high oxalate foods) the night before. I was wondering if there was a link. Not only do high-oxalate foods cause kidney stones but they can disrupt mitochondrial function and promote cell death. As we Parkies know, we've got to keep our mitochondria in good working order to keep what is left of our neurons!

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legumes/lentils interfere with my sinemet i assume because they contain amino acids similar to l-dopa. i eat spinach from my garden but to be honest it's usually in the evening when i'm tapering down my sinemet but i think if it had the same affect as lentils i'd notice it.


Myth No. 8: High-oxalate foods can cause kidney stones.

Fact: While an excessive amount of consumption of oxalate foods, paired with factors like dehydration, high sodium levels, and high calcium levels in the urine, can cause kidney stones, most kidney stones are linked to genetics.

And people who follow a diet that includes high oxalate foods can inhibit production of kidney stones by drinking water, reducing their salt intake, adding citrus to their diet, and reducing consumption of animal products.


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