protein/levodopa question

Many PDers find that protein interferes with levodopa absorption. Can any members comment on which proteins interfere most, and which interfere less?

My mom has lost a good bit of weight and would really like to eat some protein during the day (she currently only eats it at night).

Are there any recommendations on which proteins (if any) might be better to eat at lunchtime? We would be so appreciative of any tips.

Many, many thanks in advance, and best wishes to all. (And apologies for those who see this twice -- I'm posting on another forum as well.)

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  • You can eat all sorts of protein, just make sure it is not within 30mins of your meds. Some people eat their protein in one meal but keep it a few hours either side of the L Dopa medication.

  • I've heard info counter to this, although this is what my husband was told when he went on carbi/levodopa. Also only some people have problems with protein. IMO there needs to be much more written on this and other nutritional subjects.

  • Thanks, soup and quirkyme!

  • I find that eating Vegan style helps; and there is protein in many vegetables!!! (but the right protein) Make sure you're staying away from processed foods!!!!

  • Thanks! We definitely eat pretty healthy but I'll do a sweep of the pantry today to get rid of other processed foods.

  • I Have had problems with protein to close to medicine time, I lost 20 lbs last year only to the have the pounds pack back on over the winter, I m not a happy camper, plus with the 20 lbs back my balance is worse. But back to the food, it seems food that bothers at one time, won't bother at others. It is hard to figure out the puzzle. Try coconut oil this is a help if tolerated try 6 to 8 Tablespoons a day, also never ever allow constipation it seems I m much worse when I have junk in my trunk (or need to go to the bathroom) stay away from the processed food, fresh is best and learn to cook from scratch it tastes so much better also. Good luck! God Bless.

  • my husband lost 30 pounds early on and this before he went on carbi/levodopa. I think it was depression, the struggle to use his hands to eat. Weight loss can be a major symptom of depression. He's much better now with new meds and med changes. He's regained some of his weight and is a good weight.

  • Depression can cause many problems, it is so hard to stay focused when you struggle to do everything, I ve had PD since 2002 and I dislike it so much, however I m stubborn and will not let Parkinson win, I have a life to live and will do so until I can't. Another thing I do is I make sure no matter how bad I feel I m presentable in public, I feel better when I look better, so I always, always, dress well, do my hair, use some light make up. Of coarse when I walk or am over tired my walking is bad, and my word are slowed but I would like to think at least I m presentable. LOL Take care God Bless!

  • I admire your perseverance and your commitment to maintain a standard in your dress and public presentation. Good for you.

  • I should add this is not easy, it seems I love to always turn my clothes inside out and put on backwards. I was in church one time when I noticed a seam in the wrong place, then I realized I just have the tag standing up like a sailor. LOL Mercy if I could get up better, legs are slower when sitting I would have ran(No running girl or I m on the floor) to the bathroom.

  • anytime we can turn things into humor, even self-deprecating humor is a triumph!!! Luckily, my husband excels at this and I'm a good learner. Thanks.

  • I need to find the laughs where I can or I would cry, I miss my life I had however I really feel I m walking this PD road to help some else cope no angels or god talking to me, I just feel God found a purpose for me.

  • I served as a chaplain for a hospice for several years and retired to be my husband's caregiver but mostly I was burnt out. Now I lead this PD group by default, since there was no one else. One of the wife/caregivers said to me, "I think you've found your ministry."

    Very kind of her and my husband and I know some neat people with PD and are learning about the disease together but it's constant effort to keep each other on track. It's good in that we have resources but I know what it means about 'this is not the life I ordered.'

    Crazy blend of feeling good about what he's/we've done, gratitude, and yet facing an unknown future.

    Not much of a traditional believer but am glad you feel God has found a purpose for you. That gives meaning

    and purpose. Be well.

  • with out my faith I would be a mess, it all comes do to how we choose to see are illness . I d be lying if I said I never had a good cry about it all but my pity party makes my nerves worse so I just swallow hard and get busy, when I do for others then I'm not worried so much about me.

  • you are on the journey....

  • We all on a journey one way or another it just depends on our vision.

  • This is true for me too. Feel SO much better when I get out and do what I can do. I'm able to volunteer. I'm upfront about being accident prone and very slow to comprehend, learn, and produce. Most organizations don't mind. They are just happy to have help and haven't had an issue with liability as my last employer did.

  • I can relate.

  • So do I. If you look good you feel good. Sound psychology.

  • kadie that was an excellent suggestion. i never knew when i could take the protein or the meds.

    it seemed kind of vague. but this was a good and simple explanation , thank you, judam6

  • Hi rainbow676,

    Most mornings I take a big cup of milky coffee with 1 tbl sp. of coconut oil & a big bowl of milky fruit & nut cereal. Then take my medicine an hour later with an apple. My consultant advised me to drink orange juice with bits with Madopar. It kicks in faster.

    Try it!


  • Thanks so much --- we had never heard of orange juice, but will give it a try!

  • Is she on Sinemet or an equivalent? In my case, it does not matter so much what I eat, but I must eat immediately on taking my pill. Maybe a little coffee to help digestion along. Today I slept late so no matter what I ate or what exercise I did, med did not kick in much until 4:30 p.m. Does she have tremor or non-tremor PD?

  • I m taking Sinemet Cr's ( time released) and Regular Sinemet along with a 8 mg Neupro 24 hr patch. Plus I had DBS and have a rechargeable battery which I charge once a week. Coffee is good my Dr. said 3 cups a day is good for Parkinson. I also must eat right when I get up which I do at 5 a.m everyday, this is my quiet time when hubby and my 9 yr grandson who stays over twice a week are in bed til 6 a.m It seems if I do cereal and milk my meds are slow to work but Toast and sugar free jam works good. it really seems SUGAR is a problem so I shy away from it the best I can, and certain meats like bacon, but eggs work good also. I have no tremor now but before the DBS I shook inside and outside 24/7 it was so exhausting beyond words.

  • Hi PatV -- Thanks very much for the message. She has a very slight tremor, but it is really minor, so I guess she has non-tremor dominant PD. Good tip on the coffee and eating immediately....

  • I have also discovered when my weight is up, my balance is worse. I seem to stumble more, also I hurry to much as if moving faster helps me get some where faster. ODD because it just makes my knees ache from walking badly, My feet hurt and I notice when buying shoes, I need wide shoes because I stumble when wear regular width shoes, it s as if I can't plant my feet squarely but with wider shoes I walk better, Hope this helps someone. Take care!

  • Dear Kadie --- Thank you so much for all of these helpful messages. Best wishes to you!

  • toes up, is the advice I've heard

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