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Shalom from Israel

This site is so supportive and informative ,it really help me, there is unfortunately not much for me and other newly diagnose in Tel Aviv, try my best to find activity as much as I can, do dayli exercise which helps a lot.

It is not easy alone in this journey but hope to make the best of it.

Tel Aviv is a big city, hope that soon we will have a real house for PwP, so that people like me will not have to feel so lost.

Shalom .

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Good Morning from FL U S A why not try and start a support group. start by talking with your DR and word of mout should help.




Shalom Eric, thank you but it doesn't really work this way.

I'm with hope to go out of this


hello friend, i m in canada and exactly in same boat as you but we cant complain about it but i do understand be well soon


Thanks for the support

Don't know about being well

But to learn to cope with it and make the best of the situation

This is well

Wish for you and everyone els the same.

Shalom from israel


hello,hope this finds you in good spirits. If it is not possible for you to form a support group in your area, ask the Israel Parkinson's Association for help in forming one. Or there are several things which can help you and i'm sure you must be able to access these:

- if you play any games, like tennis, badminton, etc continue and only stop if it is no longer possible

- join a gym and ask the trainers for appropriate exercises you can do

- join dance groups, like line dancing for example - rhythm is very helpful in movement difficulties

- I cannot over-recommend the benefits of yoga

- walk for fun, regularly with a group of friends

- play word games, sudoku, cards, etc to keep brain exercised and give hands dexterity. Gives mind the need to concentrate and focus

- join a choir or form one. Helps your voice muscles for speech and breathing

Try and target an activity every day.

Is there an Expert Patient Programme or similar in Israel? If there is, join it.

Explore alternative therapies - eg massage (different kinds), Alexander technique, Putkisto (Finnish exercise, etc)

Good luck and best wishes.



I'm from Tel Aviv and can highly recommend on a unique method Gyrokynetics established by Alex Kerten and is located in Herzliya. The method involves active and passive therapy using music especially Jazz, learning how to change your state of mind to change your automatic and chronic patterns. Be happy to provide more details if you're interested.



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Goo morning from FL, have u asked your DR about starting a support group. I found thatvery helpful. If you want I will watch for your postings and responed that way your not on your oe



Shalom Erik

Unfortunately Dr don't really care for the situation, he gave me azilect told me to come back in few months. I show up 2 times in the movement disorder unit to talk to the nurse. There is nothing they can do, it's kind of , you are on your own !!!

Deal with it. It's so sad but it's true.

Really hope to make a different, looks like there is no funding and resource and awerness for Parkinson in Israel.


sorry to hear that, look up the Parkinson's head office they are in New York and have a help line they may have some idea's




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