Anyone having problems with Madopar? Or more specifically Levodopa in particular?

My neurologist has taken me off Madopar because the Levodopa that it contains is causing me extreme problems with impulsive behaviour. The problem is now my tremor has started to get worse again in the last week since stopped the Madopar and I am due a review in 3 months once the Madopar has left my system. The problem is what could he prescribe me that doesn't contain Levodopa for my tremor? Would appreciate any thoughts on this. Cannot have anything with Levodopa in it because of the severe impulsive problems that it causes me.

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  • I have never heard of sinimet causing impulsive behavior, only dopamine agonists. Sorry to hear! Hope you get some help

  • Yes so do I as I can do less and less because of the tremor. Fed up of having accidents with hot water etc.

  • I have never heard of l-dopa causing impulsive behaviour. l-dopa is the gold standard for treating PD and has been for many, many years. The drugs that do cause impulsive behaviour, and usually in the higher dosage range are the relatively new Pramipexole and Rotigotine (a group known as Dopamine Agonists ie they mimic the action of dopamine but are not dopamine). Are you taking any of the latter DA's?

  • No, just Rasagline every morning and I used to take a low dose of Madopar until the neurologist told me to stop taking it because of the impulsive behaviour of spending like crazy nearly every day. The impulsive behaviour is getting better, only sent two lots of orders for makeup in the l last 8 days instead of as I said nearly every day. My partner has taken control of my bank cards for now and only hands them over if I need money from an atm for shopping for every day or fresh stuff in groceries or for me to use to pay bills. It had got that bad!

  • A small amount of medical cannibas stops my tremor and relaxes my muscles without getting me high. It's a natural treatment that is thought to be neuroprotective and has no side effects. See the posts on medical marijuana for more info.

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