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I am still unsure as to whether to start taking coconut oil. I am confused by the different types of oil available,. Should I take it in tablet form? Should I get it in liquid form? Which is the best type to get? How much and when to take it? Which, of the many brands available, should I opt for? Are there any side effects? I intend to start taking it, but which brand? And which supplier? Obviously, I am not a good decision maker.

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  • Most of your questions are answered at dietary guuidelines (post indicated below)

    Also check for more details and some recipies.

  • You re thinking to hard, use what is easy for you, I like the oil and use several drops in anything liquid like milk on oatmeal or coffee. I bought my oil at Walgreen drug store. I can't say it helped but maybe I need to use more regularly.

  • Most find it best for PWP to stay away from blends with MCT oil. The taste/aroma in organic (virgin) comes from natural extras, which sometimes gives me slight indigestion. Pure CO has these filtered out.


    1. Look for Organic or Virgin if you can tolerate it

    2. Pure is good, provided it is not heated in the processing (in the US, I use LouAna Pure from Walmart, $6/qt)

    3. Anything that is liquid at room temperature is a blend -- avoid

    4. Shop in the baking aisle, not the health food aisle; it's much less expensive

  • fwes --

    my mom is a PWP and she gets much better results on MCT oil (vs coconut oil). it's like night and day. can you shed light on why you say PWP should stay away from CO blends (that include MCT). thanks so much.

  • stopnibbling: I have communicated with approximately 30 PWP who get superior benefits from CO to mixtures with MCT, and one for whom it is a wash. Yours is the first PWP report that I have heard that gets additional benefit from MCT. Thanks for the input.

  • if others are interested in trying this, start very slowly and early in the day. we are using this now as a supplement in addition to pure virigin CO. plan exercise after you take it so you have something to do with the energy. we saw effects immediately after just one teaspoon (which can be increased of course but go slowly). i don't think it lasts as long as CO that is why we are currently taking both -- and still experimenting. note also that this is all in the context of a Wahls Protocol diet (9 cups of veggies, healthy meats, healthy fats) so we feel solid from a nutritional point of view as we explore these extra measures.

  • how many tablespoons of MCT oil for benefit ?

  • started with 1 tablespoon -- saw huge impact. started it mid-afternoon and interfered with sleep. now working with smaller doses, 1 to 1.5 teaspoons in early AM and same (if needed) before mid-afternoon exercise. probably could be adjusted upwards with time but the dosage is probably much less than CO from our experience.

  • also, if you research this, some report anxiety on MCT oil at higher doses. mom takes taurine PRN which takes any edge off. again, start low and go slow with MCT oil. also, we are in and out of ketosis already so YMMV if you are not working with a ketogenic diet.

  • Take in morning and evening edible form organic mix with your eggs taste great

  • What is the reason that you are all taking coconut oil? Does it help with the symptoms of pd?

  • For starters, see the posts recommended at the end of this post.

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