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A truly useful product

1st, let me stress that I am in no way associated with this company and not trying to get you to buy something. However, here is a truly useful product for those who need help putting on dress shirts.

I came across this company when I wrote article about them for our local Parkinson Support Group. I had a chance to speak with the creator who is a wonderful person dedicated to helping people with Parkinson's.

The company is Magna Ready and they make a line of men's and women's dress shirts with magnetic closures for all the buttons.

Watch this inspirational video of how this idea started with trying to help her husband and his challenges with Parkinson's.

Company website:

I hope you find this useful.


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Buttons can be difficult and can make you say rude words, but good exercise for the fingers I suspect.

which leads me to a lighthearted tale quite unconnected with PD but with magnets.

It may make you smile.

My old gran was quite poor and during the war hadn't much in the way of nice clothing, one day she borrowed some clothing too large to go to a special war show. She used loads of pins to tuck in and hide all the imperfections.

As she walked out of the door looking very smart, she said to Grandad ''Well Harry, I hope I dont go past a bloody Magnet''.


Thank you


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