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I am taking Amitriptyline and Zapain for pain not related to my Parkinsons. Since starting these tablets I have stopped producing saliva. I did pose a similar question a short while ago and have tried various suggestions, but to no effect. I tried reducing meds but pain returned. I also have a bad taste in my mouth, which seems to transfer itself to everything I eat. My mouth is so dry it is very uncomfortable. GP has given me a spray and tablets, but these do not help. I am looking for a solution which does not involve more meds and would be grateful for any suggestions.

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  • I use a moisturizing mouth spray that you can get at any Wal-Mart. I totally understand how the cotton mouth feeling is uncomfortable. Hope this helps! JC

  • Hello Court,

    One of the side effects of Amitriptyline can be a dry mouth. I should think that you can ease this symptom by increasing your fluid intake.

    How much Amitripyline are you taking a day?



  • Hello Norton

    I take 20mg of Amitriptyline at bed time. On the advice of my GP, and because of my dry mouth, I reduced the Amitriptyline to 10mg, but had to increase this because of the pain. I am trying to drink more fluid and will see if this helps.

  • I take 30mg of Amitriptyline a night (even that is a low dose) and experience a dry mouth at night, but fortunately can off set it by extra fluid. Constipation can also be another side effect of this medication, but now that I have changed to a plant based diet, it no longer concerns me. As you probably know, some people take up to 170mgs for depression and live quite happily with the side effects, so we are taking a low dose by comparison.


  • S., Would chewing gum make it better or worse? I have the opposite problem,(too much saliva), but find that chewing gum stimulates both the saliva glands and the swallowing reflex. What can you lose? GTHFYA.

  • Hi ronn. Have not seen your name posting for some time. It is lovely to hear from you. I will give chewing gum a try. As you say. I have got nothing to lose.

  • You may be talking to the wrong doctor. Some medications can cause opposite reactions in different people: excess saliva in one person and dry mouth in another. And although drooling from excessive saliva can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, dry mouth can cause serious dental problems. In my case dry mouth caused me to lose two molars and require 10 fillings in a period of 12 months. As a defense, seek advice from your dentist, not your GP, about special toothpaste and mouth wash, and Xylitol sugar free, gluten free mints (commercial name “Spry”) for daily use. They solved my problem.

  • Hi Court, I have had dry mouth problems, too. I thought I was drinking enough GP made the case that typically u cannot do both simultaneously. So I upped my water consumption. When consistently I hit 64 ounces per day she also recommended trying an otc product called Biotene. Nowadays the problem is so diminished, that sticking with the daily 64+ ozs of water seems to negate the need for the Biotene. (go to for info and coupons)

    Best wishes,


    Bisbee, AZ

  • I have that same problem and have found sucking on sugar free lemon drops and also chewing gum. The sprays didn't work at all for me.

  • You can try lemon drops to help you produce saliva. You can also buy Biotene mouth rinse , Biotene mouth spray it has enzymes that are normally produced with salivia production . I have Sjogren's sydrome I have problems with a dry mouth three years into Sjogren's. It is important to have good oral hygiene you will see a ton of cavities if you don't due to the dry mouth. Bad breath is from the lack of enzymes that your mouth normally contains from saliva which also helps your teeth from decay and bad breath. Biotene also has a gum but any sugar free gum is helpful to help with dry mouth. There is also a tooth paste Thera-Breath it is exspensive and Biotene makes a tooth paste as well.

  • Hi have you tried pineapple chunks I keep a bowl full in the fridge. Just suck one when needed I find this helps me.

  • Should you find a solution to this dry mouth please let me know. I too have had various meds without success. Thank You

  • I also had a bad taste in my mouth with sores on my palate and white bums in my mouth. They became so bothersome I have lost over 80 pounds. My GP prescribed steroids for the bumps and I am eating a bit better now.

    My dentist suggested rinsing with Listerine and salt water. That has helped as much as anything.

    There are still several items that I cannot eat since the taste is altered. And my GP wants me to gain a bit of weight which I never thought would be as difficult as it is.

  • watch your electrolytes too.

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