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Has anyone been able to retire on PD disability although you are not quite disabled yet?

I really don't want to wait until I am disabled before I can retire. I'm 55 and been with the Federal Gov't for 22 years. I've been diagnosed with PD for 5 years. My current symptoms include depression, tremor and lack of co-ordination in my left hand, which are resolved with Sinemet. But the Sinemet causes me to walk funny...like I'm stepping in high cotton. I avoid giving presentations or seminars when possible, but otherwise consider myself a productive federal employee relative to other folks I've seen in the Fed workforce.

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i hear you! i have recently gone though this very problem. There is no incentive to work.... in fact you can't without jeopardizing your benefits.

The last thing i need is to sit and stare at the rest of the world. I need to feel productive......useful.......thant i make a positive difference. The fact the government funding my disability says I can legally work 10 hrs a month and make $750 on my own if I'm capable!

This whole thing is backwards. There are plenty of people like us . I go days at a time feeling ..okay.. and could work. Doing something I've done for my life. Other days, can't fight my way out of a wet paper sack.

The program should base itself on your true ability to earn an income. The income should be subtracted from

your disability income monthly!




Yes, you can. As long as your immediate supervisor and your doctor also agrees because they must fill out a part of the application. The supervisor must also show that he or she ad tried different ways that may had allow you to continue to work or at least a little longer. This application will be reviewed by panel of government contracted doctors that will review your case. If that panel agrees with what was submitted, than your application will go relatively smoothly the rest of the way. Since PD is one off listed reason that if a applicant can prove that you have PD, that would be all you really need to do. So before you apply make sure you have the support off your supervisor and your doctor that it time for you to start the ball rolling because it will take about months before you will given your disability retirement.

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If you can get disability go for it. The process is long and can be a huge drain on you and your PD. I rec'd ss disability. Your will always feel your able to work but the reality is how is your work and your ability to do so . You must do a real deal check in your mind & heart! I had to let go because knew I wasn't working well and could cause more problems with paperwork and daily duties I hard trouble doing. The truth sinks sometimes but you will come out the winner if you decided rather than it be decided for you ~~!! Take care!


I have not posted in some time but noticed this and thought I would comment. As a former Gov't employee myself with PD who has taken the disability route simply because at 45 I found that the high stress made my condition and symptoms worse to the point I was no longer the effective worker I had been.

I can say this from my personal experience of going through the process of getting my own disability approved. It is an INDIVIDUAL experience, meaning what happened to me does NOT mean it will had to you. I heard it all!!! You are going to get denied the first time, you are going to need a lawyer, it will take 2 years, you name it. My wife filled out the SSD papers for me and collected all the medical records. Filed the claim and I was I approved in 3 weeks and called into SS to sign my papers 3 weeks after that. And this was before PD was put on the fast track list for disability approval. Yes, PD is now a condition that if you are diagnosed with and cannot work your claim will be approved, of course with proper doctor statements and such.

If it is time for you to turn in your lab kit, and you are the only one that knows this, than by all means file. If you can still perform your duties but have to make adjustments and your job allows for this, keep going and enjoy your job. You are the only one with the answer to how you feel, just be honest with yourself.


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I was dx 8/2011 with APS,,,I had retired from State government 3/1/2011. September 2012 applied for SS Disability, without help from an attorney...was approved in December 2012 retroactive back to 8/2011.

It is great....no real finanial worries means less stress. In Jan 2014 I started receiving medicare as my primary insurance and still have my State BCBS. I no longer have an $81.00 co-pay! On good days I visit the office and on other days I still assist my replacement over the phone, when I can,from my home.

If given a choice I would rather be working. I had worked for almost 34 yrs before retiting, Could have retired with full benefits 4 yrs earlier...Now at age 58...all my friends are still working,,,it gets lonesome...


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