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Infection exacerbates PD

Just hefor Chrismas my knee ,swelled with unbearable pain, fluid drawn from knee cuultured positive for bacterial staph in the joint. Had surgery to flush joint. Home on IV antibiotics for 4 weeks then oral for 4 weeks. Recovery has been very slow--had problems with increased numbness both feet, heavy sensation in legs affecting ambulation, issues with balance and temporary loss of fine motor controll. In left hand. Neurologists said temporary d/t infection and it is improving. Have to use walker esrly in day and after supper when fatigue sdts in to walk. It has been such a long winter and some days I get discouraged but hope with spring coming I. Hope ny determination to fight the PD returns. Posted this more as a fyi in case anyone has had same or similar experience. I will be 68 next month & diagnosed in 2006.

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Yes you have my sympathy. I've been using walker in the streets for years now. After a bad bout of bronchitis I thought I'd never leave the house without a companion. A change in my meds, a session with my counselor and a walking class for the PD walk got me going again. Don't give up. I know every infection and /or injury is tentupled for a pwp. I'm 73 and going to PD movement classes 3 times a week.


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