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I have just read an article about how bad the following is for not only PWP but for actually all people and some good vit. and suppl.

MSG - Read the labels on all food packets MSG (glutamate) is deadly. Google other names they are starting to use for MSG

DO NOT use Canola, Sunflower, Peanut or saffire Oil. Check anti perspirants for traces of heavy metals.

CUT DOWN ON FAT AND SUGARS - Use Stevia sweeteners but NOT Aspartames!!! DO not cook in aluminium pots. Check canned fish for traces of mercury on the labels. DO NOT TAKE FLU SHOTS!! causes Altzheimers and Parkinsons. It is a huge money making drug!!! Do not drink Omega 6 oil BUT USE OMEGA 3 with high DHA. Vit D is cheap, but essential for PD. Magnesium is a must. PWP has low levels of GLUTAHIONE (Google it)

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With reference to the above - cut sugar and fat out of your diet. Apparently Ronald Reagan was addicted to Jelly Beans (lots of sugar) and this could have been one of the causes for his Altzheimers.


The Market information nowadays for food and drugs is over whelming. One never knows what to use or what to take in the way of vitamins, etc. It seems we follow the advice of scientists and food fads at the time, then a few years down the line find out we should not eat or take this or that.

I try to keep to a vegetarian diet as far as possible, but I must confess to murdering a slice of cake, or a nice biscuit or two, or three, or four, or more.


I agree with all but cutting out sugar. A little sugar is OK. Cut out corn syrup and any other fake sweetener for sure. Not get a flu shot? I get mine every year and never felt better, PD or no.


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