What are the consequences of choice in treatment options, traditional meds, alternatives, coconut oil

What do you have to loose? Your personal choice is personal.

Confirming my earlier research.


In particular, people with dementia were significantly less likely to survive over a six-year period.

Allison Willis, M.D., and her colleagues at the Washington University School of Medicine examined the health records of over 29 million Medicare beneficiaries with Parkinson’s.

They identified 138,000 individuals who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2002 and followed their medical charts through 2008. [ 6 years ]


•64 percent of people with Parkinson’s died DURING the six-year study.

•After adjusting the data for age, race, and sex, people with Parkinson’s had a nearly four times greater risk of death than people with no disease and nearly double the risk of death than for those living with other common diseases such as colorectal cancer, stroke and ischemic heart disease. People with Parkinson’s had nearly the same risk of death as those who had experienced a heart attack or suffered a hip fracture.

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  • I have tried many things that work 100% lavendar oil for arm cramps, but the best is a gluten free diet, it gave me back my balance, low medicine usage and I feel better all the way around.

  • Interesting Kadie57, Did you have symptoms of gluten intolerance or been diagnosed as having it?

  • What is your point? I exercise , follow a low FODMAPS diet for abdominal pain, and take 2 tbs. of flaxseed oil with my morning OJ. I've had PD 12 years , dx 9, on sinimet. Recently went from 4 a day to 5 plus 2 time released and the pain is much less (as long as I stick to diet). Some dyskinesia due to excess sinemet. What are you suggesting? Stop all my pills and go on health food regime? I don't think so. I took vitamins religiously and health foods and still got PD. Was due sooner or later due to some kind of brain damage.

  • What do you have to loose? Your personal choice is personal.

    Nothing it appears changes the "schedule" of Parkinson's

    What do you have to loose? Your personal choice is personal.

  • At first we thought the medicine wearing off was from sugar and / or protein. After months of no sugar and limited protein, the medicine was still not working right, then an article about gluten was put on this pd board, I sent it to my Nuero she said lets go gluten free. within 2 days the spells stopped and I felt so much better. It is worth a try if you have unexplained problems.......yes I still have PD problems but I have much better balance, brain fog and medicine absorbing. Love the info shared here Thanks!

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