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This is affect of sleep depravation (on me)

I have long been aware that my catastrophic sleep disorder is damaging and as such I have many self imposed rules, designed to keep me and those around me safe.

They include not sending e mails at night or before I have reviewed them.

This was in my drafts folder. It starts out ok but the confusion turns to gobbledygook. Strangely it is all punctuated to a reasonable level.

Dear xxxxxx

We have never met but you know my husband xxxxxx. I work in the Scottish Borders as a Change and Ideas person. Amongst my remit are some large country houses and castles in the area. The castle has yet to all need skills v needs matching v volunteers. I am helping by saving time looking for local people who have a TV/Media? film back ground, to support this major project. '

I would prefer so quite foodies, here/ are some angrii date.

Suoouier allvare

Colleen Henderson-Heywood

Parkinsons disease has some unexpected effects on you, you need to be prepared to overcome many challenges. If like me you choose not to go down the 'drug' route and just live with your sleep 'pattern' I recommend you set some rules too!

I did think long and hard about posting this as it could expose me from a competency perspective but I know my Employers are 100% behind me and my determination to carry on being effective and making a difference. I am the lucky one.



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I used to take Zopiclone to help me sleep which is a disinhibitor and led to some inappropriate Facebook posts. Another sleeping pill made me send complete gibberish texts to all my friends. I remember thinking they were both profound and hysterically funny at the time.


I choose to take nothing and still write gibberish!


I can relate to this, I haven't as yet sent emails or texts, but my mind is so active in the wee early hours. I too take no medication to aid sleep and am quite happy if I get 4 - 5 hours sleep. One think I have noticed though which is bizarre....after may 'sinemet snooze'. I often say the most random liners completely out of context lol


Marijuana…My sleep aid of choice…natural, willing and able….


I especially send some weird things from my iPhone because PD and styluses don't mix!


I know the one time I spent a few days away from computers and tv screens my sleep improved with each night. But then I went back to work and back to 5 hours sleep a night.


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