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I dont have a diagnosis of parkinsons just trying to make sense of some of my symptoms.

At times i feel like my feet dont walk the way i would like them to, and the next steps feel like i am pushing the floor further and further down, it takes alot more effort to pick my feet off the ground. I dont know if this makes sense to anyone but its really weird.

My limbs are very stiff and quite rigid which makes everything so much more diffuclt to do.

I get alot of muscle pain and burning pain in my shoulders.

When i rest i get a tremmor in my knee and sometimes internal tremmors.

Any feed back woud be greatly appreciated.


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  • Being very rigid was one of my early symptoms. I got to the point where my hands were practically useless. I actual went see an OT hand specialist. It was her that made my Nero finally determine I had PD not essential tremor which I was being treated for. One other thing to look for is arm swing when u walk. I lost mine on left side. First dose of Sinemet I could tell a big improvement w rigidity.

  • Another thigs is that i am slow at everything not just physical tasks but slow in conversation and thought process.

  • your symptoms could indicate PD or another Parkinsonism as well as several other disorders. - it seems the onset of PD is not the same for everyone, but I do have rigidity, trouble at times getting my right foot to get moving tremors, etc among my symptoms. would recommend seeing a neurologist that specializes in movement disorders.

  • I didnt realise there was another Parkinsonism..

  • PD is one of a number of similar appearing disorders that are classified as 'Parkinsonisms'. They have many of the same symptoms, but usually differ in some significant way. Also, most of the others do not respond quickly and/or significantly to PD meds such as sinemet while PD usually does in the relatively early stages of the disorder. I use terms like often and usually when talking about these disorders, as it seems there is very little that is universally true about them. Also, slowness of movement is common and some mild cognitive impairment is as well. I have noticed my speech has been impacted too.

  • Yes, find a good neurologist. I had a frozen ankle, painful stiffness and tendonitis in thigh/hip area. Took a lot of time to diagnose. So I was happy to learn it was PD and not something worse.

  • I'm new to this also, am 67 and was not diagnosed. Did u ever hear of Parkinson's plus? Took another MRI and Emg. Feel like Guinea pig

  • No iv never heard of it. Can i ask how did you get diagnosed.

  • Getting to a neurologist is helpful so they can rule out all the scarey causes and when they don't find them then you get the diagnosis of Parikinson's. Rule outs include: MS, stroke, brain tumor, to name a few.

  • Hi Yorkshiregirl44, this is very common to how my symptoms started with later on very light tremors on my left side. Go see a good Neurologist as soon as possible. It seems to me PD symptoms differ from person to person. If you are diagnosed with PD, it is not the end of the world. When I was diagnosed, I felt like it was a death sentence, but the more I read positive things about it, and decided that I am going to live my life, and that was 4 y ago, I am still living my life as usual (taking medicine_ and realy, keep busy, exercise and STAY POSITIVE.

  • Dear Yorkshiregirl44

    The brain is like a computer and when it doesn't work as expected a specialist is what you need. There are many reasons why a computer monitor might not fire up for example and only once all the alternatives have been investigated can you be sure the problem is solvable.

    Get yourself referred to a neurologist. With any luck they will be able to give you a diagnosis quickly and then you can find the way to deal with it that is best for you.

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