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access to work

well, I finally accepted, after nearly losing all the councils electronic files when my hand jerked suddenly. ( the IT department, is a godsend) that I needed help.

I contacted the access to work scheme and a really nice man took all my details and is arranging to come in to do a work assessment to identify specialist equipment that will help me to stay in my job.

they are extremely helpful, my employers want to do whatever it takes to keep me in my job, but neither they, or I know what's available to help me to do that. So I'm really looking forward to finding out what might help.

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Good luck to you, my friend. Please keep us posted. We are here for you.

Cheri :)


That's great! I hope they can assist you.


Well done, it's such a big thing, recognising that you can use adaptaions to keep going. It's all too easy to avoid situations that you can't manage as easily now.


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