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I have been reading questions posed in the past about the problem of a dry mouth and wondered if anyone had found a solution to this. My mouth is very dry and I also have an unpleasant taste which seems to transfer itself to my food. I also have a sore tongue and mouth ulcers. The lack of saliva also causes a build up of mucus in my throat which is very unpleasant. I am on Stalevo, Requip and also medication to control pain in my back and shoulder. I understand from my GP that medication is the cause, but am reluctant to stop any meds in case it affects my Parkinsons.

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  • Biotin is a U.S. over the counter saliva producer and breath freshener. I think they even have a toothpaste enhanced with it.

  • There are gels the Doc can give you. I find the only thing is a cough sweet It seems to help that dry mucus in the throat. but worst is at night waking up with a mouth so dry.

    I usually take a spoonful of Manuki Honey at bedtime I think it helps to keep away infection, as the mouth is prone to it when dry.

  • I am having a lot of problems with dry mouth. I've tried the Biotine products and they help temporarily. Chewing surgerless gum definitely helps but it contributes to sores in my mouth. I sip water with coconut oil in it during the day to heal any sores I have and to prevent more. I suck cough sweets but sugerless ones are not available where I live and now I am putting on weight. When I see my Neuro in March I want to see if I can go off Mirapex since I think maybe that is the main cause. I'm also on Stalevo and I know I can't go off of that. I'd like to hear from others with a dry mouth problem what medications they are taking. It if is possible to identify which drugs cause the dry mouth we might be able to solve the problem.

  • If you could go off Mirapex, it might help with the weight. It did me. I find mint tea, Hall's cough drops, zinc lozenges all help. I wake up with a very dry mouth. But a good rinse helps.

  • Thanks Pat. Was it difficult to go off Mirapex? Was it replaced with something else?

  • I have both dry mouth and drooling, especially at night, but fortunately at different stages of medication, hours apart. The excess saliva comes just at bedtime before a Sinemet takes effect, so I take a small towel or washcloth to bed with me.. For the dry mouth, which usually arrives toward morning, I keep emptied pill bottles filled with water by my bedside. The water is also useful for taking pills if necessary.

  • I wake up on the night with dry mouth - so much that my mouth is sore. Only way to fix it is to drink lots of water - swishing around in your mouth. I think it must be from sleeping with my mouth open. I overproduce saliva most of the time.

  • Thanks for responding. My mouth is dry most of the time and everything I eat has the same taste. This is not a pleasant taste and is strong enough to make eating difficult. I think it must be caused partly by a pain killer I have recently been prescribed for sciatic pain called Zapain. If it continues for much longer I will ask my GP if she can change my medication.

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