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Parkinson's Movement
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My mom is 81 yrs old. She has been diagnosed with parkinson's and taking 100/25 mg.Levodopa four times a day. She has no tremor.Pse advise?

She has difficulty walking and loosing balance feels that she is going to fall. I give her Parkinson's Support and Nerve Support from Tibet Natural Healing as per their advice for the last one month no significant improvement. She is also taking blood pressure medication for the last 40 yrs. Her pulse seems to be at 50-54.

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She needs someone to walk with her. Can she get a home health aide or take a class with other pwp's? She'll be happier for it.


Your best bet is to go back to your specialist or Parkinson's nurse for a review of her medication. My husband takes his meds every 2.5 hours which seems to keep him moving and he is also on Encapatone, a sort of Levodopa booster. Different people react to medications differently and it all seems a bit of trial and error until you find a cocktail that suits.


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