Parkinsons now diagnosed with 1st stage Dementia

My partner has had parkinsons since 2011, he has now been diagonosed as having 1st stage dementia as well, he is 71 this started back last summer, but we thought it was the parkinsons, He has now been given an additional pill for that. has anybody suggestions,

I have been put on the carers register I am 67 in 2 months time, with asthma and arthritus, he does not want to go out, suffers with head aches a heavy sensation around his middle, a woozy head, I try to get him out , but he is quite happy to sit in front of tv for hours on end, travel, space, animals, etc. Am I wrong for trying to keep getting him moving, and enjoy life,

I have booked 2 holidays for this year, he says I dont understand what its like, I know that, but want to give him the best possible choice.

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  • I would say you are absolutely right to do your best to get your husband out and about as much as possible! My husband is 74 and a half and started with first stage PD dementia about 18 months ago. He is now taking galantamine and we were able to go away twice in 2013 whereas we did not go away at all in 2012. He goes to a weekly exercise class (sometimes with some persuasion) and usually enjoys it. We did an goes journey to meet up with relatives at the weekend and although he was worried about going he did enjoy the day and felt better for having been out. It is worth the effort to get out as much as possible. Is there a Parkinson's group in your area? If so try joining that to meet more people and get more ideas.

  • I would say yes, get him out even if he complains. That's mental activity. Is there a senior day care? He may reluctantly say he enjoys it. Take good care of your self. See Claire Berman's book How to Take care of yourself etc. She's a pwp in my PD exercise class.

  • My husband has not been diagnosed with dementia, but I think he has some symptoms. He also is content to sit in front of the TV. I have made plans for a vacation next month, hoping that he will be well enough to travel following back surgery, not related to PD. We are both 68, and thankfully, I am pretty healthy. I hope that you get to enjoy your planned holidays!

  • I think socializing is important for PD patients. When we go to PD meetings, it's good to be with people who understand what it's like. We are about to travel a bit. My husband hasn't had a dementia diagnosis and we are delighted to have at last started to do some traveling (3 years into retirement).

  • Hi my husband wS dx with pd 2008 then in 2011 dx with lewy body dementia and yes its very important to keep his legs going and mental stimuli as well as now my hubby is in a nursing home being assessed for mental capacity as i can no longer look after him as im really ill with my heart and have had a mini stroke and yes like your hubby stuck to the telle all the time no good for dementia sufferers as it makes it worse i was told so you need to get him active in a lot more things im on a thing called talking point which is just for people who care for either there partner or there relative and theres alsorts of dementias on there but they know what there talking about because theve been doing the careing for a long time and helped me wirh my things concerning mental capacity dols react nurseing homes very informitive try them please you wont regret it

  • I have that same inertia/TV syndrome. I have to force myself to get out, but once out the door I feel much better. I do best after my second sinemet dose for the day - kinda gets things revved up.

  • An update : The doctors has confirmed that my other half has Parkinsons Dementia. He is being helped by the Memory service, they have arranged for him to go to a recognative help group, otago which is a seated excersise session, also once a month a mens meeting group, for dementia and alzimers suffers they meet in the local, play darts and dominos, and have a small drink if medivcation allows. This is all through the memory service. We have nothing like that with the parkinsons. His consultant has left our hospital, and has not been replaced yet by the hospital trust, we have a Parkinsons nurse, but he is stretched to several hospitals. He has also is going to another hospital for parkinsons research sessions, hopefully, it will help, the ongoing seach for a cure.

    Another pill has been given for the memory which hopefully, will reduce the quickness of this desiease , which we have christened the BRAIN PILL, a joke among the family. I have been refered to the carers association, So for now, we plod along, and looking forward to a short break at the end of the month. thank you for your replies, it helps, to understsnd

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