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anyone know availability of meds and support for duodopa pump?

My friend has a duodopa pump fitted, to treat his Parkinson's. He plans to visit UK from Belgium and needs to know if he will be able to get medication and technical support in the UK, possibly in the long term, as he may eventually come to live here

the medication has to be kept refrigerated, so travelling with it can be problematic. Anyone got experience/ information?

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Abvvie uk look after duodopa in the uk. Anyone with Parkinson's need to be registered with a team or a consultant who look after people with Parkinson's. In order to get medications for pd you need to be registered with a GP but duodopa is only at specialised centres, funding in the uk is very difficult to get


My mum has a crone apo go pump for her Parkinson's. I don't know if your friends is like my gives her morphine like medication to help keep mobile for longer periods.To find out about your friends pump,why don't you ask your doctor or local Parkinson's nurse/doctor at your local hospital.


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