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Think I may have been totally exposed to carbon monoxide over a period of 5 years - intense photocopying (30,000) copies per day in room

With no ventilation. My walking deteriorated over this period. My pd meds have no effect and have asked for blood test for carbon monoxide levels but told this not possible. Feel this could explain my symptoms. Would like more information as have been told my Neuro that I don't have parkinsons walk and so Atypical

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Hi Talk Show,

Medical "solutions" are depressing besides ineffective. Good News is that Peace Prize research has found that disease is one or more nutritional deficiencies. Colloidal Silver 5-10 ppm one teaspoon per day can heal the DNA that is the blueprint for each new that your body produces to replace the old cells 2-3 times per year. Also, Instant Protein w/ Enzymes has been effective in putting advanced PD in remission.


Hello talkshow: You are not alone, a lot us has been diagosed as atypical. basically they don't know what it is. myself i was diagnosed about 6 yrs ago i found that I could not swin anymore. then my speach was affected and finally my walking although it comes and goes witth no rhyme or reason, no drugs seem to help. I sometimes think that my neuro just waits and see if it developes into something that they can put a name on.


Hi steh02

Thanks foe replying.

Atypical leaves you in limbo. I have done some research on the connection between parkinsons and carbon monoxide poisoning and discovered that symptoms can present themselves as Parkinsonism - the difference that there is no resting tremors and that meds have no effect whatsoever. The only way to find out is by a blood test to determine levels. Have asked my Gp for this but was told there were no facilities to do this. Still trying and would go anywhere to get test....problem is that you have to be referred and only person that can arrange this is my Neurologist who i hope to see in March. Don't hold much hope that he will cooperate !

As I have only been diognosed in last twelve months and so far have only experienced balance problems and some walking problems left leg only I will plough on and try to get test

Thank you again and hope you will make headway do you think you were exposed to chemicals ?


Being an indusrtrial chemist in a previous life I was exposed to most of the knpwn carcinogens along with my fair share of CO . I am not sure that a test will find anything as the carboxyheamoglobin probably will only stay in your system for a few weeks however it is possible that may a have been the cause of your atypical parkinsonisms.


I had a similar experience.

I had physical at Scripts and asked to be tested for "lead Poisoning". I knew I had a problem because I pumped leaded gas from age 13 until 19. To add to the lead, I breathed fumes from tail pipes all day long because it was a full serve gas station, cars did not turn off engines and the gas tank was behind the license plate. So I pumped gas by bending down to hold nozzle The fumes were enjoyable at the time.

Scripts did not test me properly. Therefore the report came back zero lead. Move forward 6 years. I found a MD that is a homeopathic MD. I was tested again for all heavy metals. Results, I had 8 times the recommended maximum amount of lead in my system. Lead attaches to bones and does not dissipate unless forced to. I have had 50 plus IV'S to draw the lead out of my body. Also I have had 20 HBOT's. My homeopathic MD, treats the body, not the disease. I also have a neurologist, who supports my treatments.

I am so much better today. 7 years ago suicide was an option.


Glad you eventually got correct tests and are much better for it

I have met with blank wall and am still trying to find out where I can get carbon monoxide test here in Ireland. Would dearly like to find out if I have sustained poisoning over a 5 year period. If anyone has any info would love to hear from you


Get test for all heavy metals. Be sure they give you a push with an IV which will draw the chemicals out of your system. Then you will do a 24 hour urine collection. They will test for lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. see link below. Good Heath to you.


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