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I have found a Parkinson's specialist 2 hrs away from me and had my pcp send a referral to them at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center so now I'm just waiting to hear from them to set up a appt. so I want to thank all of you who responded to me on I'm lost please help me I got lots of great info from all of your posts which motivated me into finding the best doctor I could so thank you so much for your help you've given me strength in my time of weakness just being told within the past couple weeks I have Parkinson's threw me for a loop !! But I think I'm coming to terms that I have it and it's not the end and there is hope thanks again and hugs from NH !

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it's a wise person who can ask for help....

the benefits are that you find out how many people will 'be there' for you

even total strangers


I know your anguish and I feel your pain. But, life can be even better after PD than before.

I have slowed down, don't let things bother me anymore and now I finally take time to 'smell the roses'.


Never every feel bad for asking for help, the foolish won't allow help, the wise get educated and ask for help. Knowledge is power, Best of everything to you, Better days ahead, Pd doesn't define you, it s how you deal with this disease, I always get up, dress well, try to look like I feel much better than I do. AND plant a smile in your face! You will be heard and helped faster by people who watch. I fell one day in public and a kind soul said to me "How Can I help you?" I told her thank you , sheer embarrassment will get me off thee floor but help to my husband waiting in the truck would be great! Bless you!


Dear Finding Help I know the feeling, I could not stop crying for 2 days after I was diagnosed - but just decided to stay positive and just go on. It is not a death sentence. It is now nearly 4 years ago and life is great. Good luck!!


Hey Billynh- glad to hear u found a p.d. specialist. Glad ur using this site 4 support!! We are only a few buttonbs away. Please keep me updated and let me no who ur dr. is. One last thing, a good tip, write ur self notes and questions.I still do and i'm only 56ytrs. young. Happy road trip. P.S. If u do not care 4 this dr. u can always get a 2nd. opinion!!! fronya


Billynh, Interesting name--I'm in Illinois and worked with a young lady named Billyn after her father Bill. It happens that her last name initial is H.


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