On castles, life and things

On castles, life and things

Yesterday I went to a castle owned by Sir Jack. He's 85, has 3 mad golden retrievers is as bright as a button and needs ideas on how to preserve his 'pad'. He is future planning and seeking innovation and knows that means change. I talked to him about fashion and music, he got everything. My skull scarf didn't phase him. I sat in the drawing room, the sun spilling in through the windows, mist rising over a loch with swans and a dreamy boathouse you can stay in. I wasn't happy for him, I was happy for me. This is life, not illness. This was my working day, valued and appreciated. Where was Parkinson's, nowhere. Don't write yourself off, ever. You have so much to contribute, so much to share. Knowledge, insight, information is a legacy we can all give. I gave up working a normal job a long time ago, it would be impossible to function effectively and I am fearful of being a weak link. I have a job now that I designed to work the way I work and that is good enough for the people who hire me. It may not be easy but it is possible. Never give up. 2014 holds some magic for us all. Believe in yourself. Kindest C

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  • Thank you. You helped me make my mind up about something! Its so easy to become part of the furniture. x

  • :-)

  • turned on my computer this morning and yours was the first post i read. i have been feeling all over the place yet nowhere lately. im 56 on sunday and life has changed so much in the past 8 years. i dont work as i would feel a weak link as you so well described..i wouldnt be able to focus or indeed meet time restraints and i would feel awkward. yet what do i do. ...i miss working, planning, saving finding enjoyment in days out shopping delighted to come home with the smallest of things. 4 years ago my husband was made redundant from a comfortably paid job he held for 25 years and had worked himself up the line...so here we are 56 and 58 respectively wondering what the future holds. how you can have a good quality of life one minute and the next dashed between illness and unemployment..without being morbid and ungrateful isnt life a bitch as the saying goes. However to get back to your post thankyou for the inspiration you have given me this morning you have painted a beautiful picture in my mind to carry throughout the day...

    sorry everyone just having a bit of down time at moment-felt i could get it out of my system here. hope thats ok .thanks.

  • I believe we all can be an inspration. Live each day to the fullest. Concentrate on what you can do, not what you can't. Stay away from negative people. If you can help someone do it.We can let Parkinson rule us or take charge and rule it.I hope and pray 2014 will be the year of many breakthroughs.

    Thank you Henderson you are always positive.

  • Most female CEO's are mid 50's ...

  • wow-wonderous..--makes my imagination wander...thank you

  • Hi Coleen

    Goo,t,c appositive post of,yours agin

    I hace been having probs wth the site and can only get,Ito,onmynipad ,so takes ages to do a reply

    And read the posts too.

    Thanks,for,the post enjoyed it

    (Ida am falling too much since the summer and cannot stop it but must stop feeling sorry for myself


    And a :-)

  • I'm not falling, I'm performing gravity assessment ! ;) In my PD movement classes we work on balance and preventing falls. It's fun and works. Maybe there's a class in your neck of the woods. Good luck and have fun.

  • Thank-you for sharing. I have had a real struggle with what I can do now. I am an RN by training, have tried to go back to work twice when I thought I had improved, each time was a failure. I am again wanting to do something on a part-time basis and have not yet come up with an idea. I live in the US, what exactly do you do?

  • I am an innovation and ideas thinker!

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